Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Exploring The Texas Hill Country

“Too many wineries today,” my excuse to our waiter when hub asked for a napkin, only to be told there was one in his lap.

It had been a long day touring the Texas hill country, a region brimming with wineries, museums, ranches and small picturesque towns. A cozy two-bedroom apartment – located on airbnb - served as our headquarters for five days. Walking into the second floor apartment the pristine white furniture, white walls and white bedding overwhelmed, but we quickly adjusted to the contemporary design of our hosts, two young (twenty-something) owners of a hair salon occupying the first floor of the two-story building.
The courtyard of the Museum of the Pacific War

Our days began with a leisurely homemade breakfast before heading out to explore. One day we toured the National Museum of the Pacific War (we are history buffs). We strolled slowly through the six acre complex, took a lunch break, then returned to the museum. I tired out before hub, sore feet dragging my tired body to a nearby coffee shop. I admit I did not see the entire museum, but did my best…

Another afternoon we hiked hilly, rocky terrain in Enchanted Rock State Park. We did not hike to the top of the rock in the hot sunny weather (I would not hike up in any weather). My mountain climbing, rock climbing, repelling days are over – actually those days came and went, passing me by completely.
Hiking in the Enchanted Rock State Park.
Following our hiking adventure we sampled the products at a local winery. The day ended savoring dinner at a local restaurant - the location of hub’s napkin faux pas. It was Friday night of Valentine’s weekend, and no indoor tables were available. Settling for a table on the patio, we watched the sun set and night descend, but as the temperature dropped left for our warm apartment and a cup of hot coffee.

More hiking along the Guadeloupe River, sampling local cuisine – German (the first settlers in the area), Mexican, Spanish and good ole American, a visit to the LBJ ranch, and suddenly it is time to pack up and move on to our next stop. San Antonio, here we come… 
Lunch after hiking along the Guadeloupe River.


  1. This sounds like a fun holiday, that restaurant in the last photo has a great name. How neat you are using airbnb, I have heard of them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Airbnb usually offers lots of alternatives and we have never been disappointed.

  2. My family lives in Texas and I have still never visited the Texas Hill Country. Guess I should, as I hear about your adventures there. :-)

    1. Everyone here tells us Texas is different in a good way...San Antonio is a great multi-cultural city.

  3. I'm lovin' your travelogue. Keep on truckin'!