Monday, February 8, 2016

This Week's Boomer Bloggers Have Issues on Their Minds

Our airbnb cottage in Natchez.
I love the name!
Remember the movie If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium? For a few days I felt I was living an American version of that movie. Every day hub and I, traveling our country's byways, moved from one motel to another. But when we landed in Natchez, MS, a small town on the Mississippi River time forgot, we settled into an airbnb cottage for a few days. Immersed in antebellum history, we toured the mansions of wealthy 19th century citizens – most plantation owners. Many lost their plantations and their wealth following the Civil War.

We enjoyed the opportunity to unpack, relax, cook a meal, put our feet up and watch the Superbowl. Almost like home!

While I was sightseeing my fellow bloggers took time this week to ponder important questions, such as does anybody miss their job after retirement? Laura Lee over at The Adventures of the NEW Old Farts discovered that some exactly do!

Tom Sightings examines another issue. Sightings Over Sixty this week takes a look at the political scene -- not from a partisan point of view, but from a demographic perspective. And you can tell from the title of his piece that he is being completely fair and objective. The post is called Never Trust Anyone Under 30.

Linda Myers writes Thoughts From a Bag Lady in Waiting. This week she reposted a piece from two years ago concerning a major episode in the lives of her and her husband. Read CPR in the Real World and hope you act as quickly and responsibly as she did when faced with a sudden crisis.

It’s early in the year, still a good time to review your financial situation and set goals. On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, starts February out with articles on how personal loans are skyrocketing, but they aren’t for everyone. Most Americans have spent more than $100 on an impulse item. No wonder so many need a personal loan!


  1. Hey Meryl! Glad you finally got to relax in Natchez! Isn't that a lovely part of the country?

    1. I had never been to Mississippi before. It is pretty country. We enjoyed touring the antebellum homes of Natchez.