Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Eating on the road presents challenges when avoiding fast food outlets like McDonald’s and Burger King. Sometimes hub and I bring along snacks and drinks, but we like to take breaks, stopping for coffee, to pee, for a snack, to pee, for a meal, to pee…

Locating a restaurant offering decent food and reasonable prices should not be too much to ask, but often is.

We used to depend on our GPS, but it frequently led to places out of business, under new management advertising a different cuisine (who wants pizza for breakfast? or a pricey French bistro?), or we land in the middle of a neighborhood or industrial park far from food. Of course we could update our GPS database, but that cost money, so we decided there are alternatives to finding good places to eat, like keeping a sharp eye on the lookout for possibilities as the car whizzes by the landscape.

There are times we travel miles with no prospects in site, other times patronize places where the food rates barely edible to abysmal, but occasionally discover a local, non-chain establishment that surprises in a good way. That is exactly what happened this past week.

Scrappy’s Diner (for anyone living in or passing through upstate New York) is a rare find.

Eyes peeled for a lunch stop as we traveled Route 149 from Glens Falls to Fort Ann, we noticed a fluttering flag calling to us, welcoming us and beckoning us inside the log cabin building. The restaurant, open 6 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. everyday, offers enough menu variety that a hungry customer can discover something appetizing, yet not so overwhelming that it continues for pages.

Weary travelers come upon a homey, old-fashioned country atmosphere. Employees know a lot of the customers, and many customers recognize each other, greeting individuals entering, “How are ya today? How are the kids?”

What more could you ask for when traveling America’s roads than good quality, fresh food cooked with love and care, a responsive, friendly staff, clean rest rooms, and free coffee and soft drink refills (including our own travel mugs)! The cook – and restaurant owner - came to our table to ensure our dishes met expectations.

So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by Scrappy’s Diner, say hi to Cyn, and savor a hearty, delicious breakfast or lunch.

I doubt you will be disappointed. I bet you add the place to your favorites list. We did, and will stop by on our next trip to Vermont.


If you have not stopped by the Best of Boomers this week,
take a look at the 


  1. I'm not likely to get up that way any time soon, but it's good to know these places still exist! :-)

  2. Well, good to know, cause I do have occasion to travel that way sometimes.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place. I miss the old diners.

  4. Loved this place and echo your sentiments. I can't wait to return!

  5. Loved this place and echo your sentiments. I can't wait to return!