Sunday, December 27, 2015

My 2015 Holiday Letter

My first holiday letter debuted last year. I dismissed letters from friends and relatives in the past as cheesy and kind of silly, but now I am a writer, and so I write…

Travel dominated my year.

2015 began on a Caribbean cruise with my entire family celebrating Mom’s 90th birthday. Hub and I stayed in Florida throughout January keeping warm and cozy.

We returned North to cold, bitter weather and high heating bills.

There were trips to the kids, flying to Florida or driving to Vermont, then returning home for a couple of days of much-needed rest and recuperation (grandkids can be exhausting).

We flew to Seattle for a convention, hub working while I played. We drove to Boston for hub’s retirement party. It is official. He is 100% retired, so he says. We shall see.

Spent a couple of days strolling through the summer manors of the 19th and early 20th century rich in Newport, Rhode Island, peeking into their bedrooms, gawking at the furnishings and clothes, spying on their parties…

Meanwhile my ancestors got seasick crossing the Atlantic packed in ships, then worked long hours in the hot city toiling in un-air-conditioned buildings. Eventually they spent summers in the Catskill Mountains, but that is another story…

Between trips we hosted an assortment of Airbnb guests, cutting into treasured lazy retirement time. The income, however, was appreciated.

I earned additional income - $14 - fulfilling my civic duty serving on a jury.

Three weeks in Mexico my Spanish improved (a tiny bit) and we made a large contribution to the Mexican economy. (Still waiting for a thank you note.) Time passed drinking Sangria, relaxing in a comfortable casita, and hanging out in cafes.

In June I celebrated my birthday and qualified for Medicare, receiving my card just in time to show off to hospital personnel. Following my sojourn, I recuperated at home from the hospital food. The kids and grandkids came and enjoyed the beach while I slept.

The summer concluded with two weddings a week apart, one in Massachusetts and one in San Francisco. Nothing makes me feel older than witnessing young folks tie the knot, and watching the young couple and their friends party while I struggle to stay awake past my normal bedtime.

In October Italy beckoned and I, along with three girlfriends, enjoyed wine and wonderful cuisine while touring Florence and Venice.

Come November we welcomed our fifth grandchild, Lila Doris, into the world and our family.

December found hub and I in Norway on an Arctic cruise in winter 24/7 darkness. When we decided to go it did not seem like a crazy idea…it was a remarkable, unique adventure.

Maybe we are somewhat crazy.

May 2016 be a year of happiness, adventure,
excellent health and peace
for everyone. 


  1. Whew ... I don't think I've done that much traveling in my entire life! (That said, I'm makin' plans for my annual trip to the Sunshine state.)

  2. Love to read about a fellow traveler. I'm particularly interested in your Norway voyage and will spend some time reading it. The Northern Lights are on my bucket list.

  3. That is a LOT of traveling, but you sure were able to write some interesting blog posts because of it! I enjoyed your year in review. Maybe I'll do something like this; it was fun. :-)

  4. You really were busy in 2015!! Gonna rest now or keep up the pace?

  5. Great letter. I feel like I've been slacking off after reading all that! Hope 2016 is as much fun.