Friday, November 13, 2015

Welcome New Baby Baer

Hub and I became grandparents one more time. Grandbaby number 5, born Monday, November 9th, is a beautiful, healthy little girl named Lila Doris. Mom, Dad, big sister and baby are all doing well.

Big sister Sydney is four years old. Her world is about to change dramatically, although she is still blissfully ignorant of the chaos, confusion, and aggravation her little sister will eventually cause her--and her parents. Learning to share toys and so many other things, including (particularly) parents, will prove to be a tough learning curve.

The sleepless, or at least disrupted nights have only just begun. This will end, maybe later rather than sooner, hopefully sooner rather than later, but eventually. The cute baby will morph into an energetic toddler, then preschooler. She will go to school to learn about the world, then venture out into the world to pursue her dreams...Oy (the universal lament of a Grandma), I am getting way ahead of greeting a new baby.

Lila’s two grandmas and grandpas, assorted cousins, aunts, uncles and great-grandmas cannot wait to hold, cuddle and coo over the new addition to their families.

Welcome to the world Lila Doris!


  1. You don't look old enuf to me to be a grandmother much less five times over! But anyway ... congrats!

  2. Babies are a precious gift. Enjoy!

  3. A very pretty name. I hope they call her Lila, its unusual these days.