Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best of Boomers on Current Events and Boomer Activities

We - hub and I - traveled to Vermont this week to meet our new granddaughter, Lila. Chaos, confusion and crises assault us 24/7, the bad news difficult to avoid. It is nice to focus on other things, like welcoming a new member to the family. Life continues, and new life brings joy, smiles, and the hope of a more secure world for our kids and grandkids. 

Events in Paris upset and rattled everyone this week. Our world is not a warm fuzzy place, and although intellectually we know that, we do not like to be reminded in such a tragic way.  With all of the fear around us this week it may feel like fear rules.  This is the alternative Laura Lee Carter would like to offer you.

Whatever is going on around the world, we continue our daily activities. For numerous boomers, some of our time is reserved for our favorite non-profit organizations. Volunteering is alive and well, thanks in part to retirees. This week Tom Sightings reports on the Purpose Prize for American volunteers over age 60. And some of the results of his research make him wonder Who Really Benefits from Charity? 

Spending time with younger generations, whether our kids and grandkids or people that became part of our lives through family, work, friends or any other way, is a treasured and enjoyable part of our lives. Linda Myers spent a week in Santa Cruz, California. While there, she reflected on the sspecial things about nine-year-old boys.  

This week our consumer journalist, Rita Robison, writes on her blog, The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's approval of genetically engineered salmon. It is the first genetically engineered food animal approved for sale in the United States. Unfortunately, the FDA is not requiring that the GMO salmon be labeled. Check out the article here.

This week I hope everyone enjoys a non-engineered turkey, tofurkey, or whatever your tradition places on your holiday table.

 And thank you for taking the time to visit our bloggers. 

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful
Thanksgiving Holiday

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