Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Costco Virgin No More

I ignored Black Friday this year, as I do every year. The idea of driving in traffic, through and around traffic, and contributing to traffic to spend time jostling people to shop offers absolutely no appeal. But a few days before Black Friday hub and I ventured inside a Costco store. Not Black Friday, but close enough to qualify as a holiday shopping outing.

Hub had never set foot in a Costco store in his life. Sixty plus years old, he was a Costco virgin.

We belonged to BJ’s years ago, purchasing bulk food, household supplies and gas. At the time we occupied a house with plenty of storage space, including a basement and garage. Our current house, cottage, bungalow, however described, is small. Designed as a summer vacation cottage, there is minimal storage space. I have to be creative and shop often to keep adequate supplies in stock and not run out of necessities such as toilet paper. No Costco or similar store is nearby, but if one were next door we would not shop there. For the record, the closest Costco is 40 miles away.

We – hub and I – spent a few days with the kids in Vermont before Thanksgiving, often in the way but sometimes helping out. One of our tasks involved taking their car to the Costco Tire Store to have snow tires installed. The process involved an hour and a half wait, time not spent in the house underfoot!

The appointment was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. We arrived about 20 minutes early, unsure how long it would take from the house and leaving time to get lost and found again. We signed in the car, turned over the key, received a buzzer to alert us when the job was done, and walked over to the store entrance. We would spend the time wandering around and buying a short list of supplies requested by my daughter-in-law. 
Hub first in line to enter Costco!
No one else was around, but that did not last long. Shoppers filtered in, and by the time the store opened at 9:30 the line was out the door and around the corner.

Shoppers anxiously waiting to enter Costco. Shopping
carts were all in use when we exited the store.
Costco stores overwhelm. The warehouse layout, the mounds of merchandise, the large packages of foodstuffs like mayonnaise, ketchup, fresh pizzas and more awed hub. We slowly meandered up and down aisles. The space quickly filled with shoppers loading wagons with huge containers of everything.

I would not go so far as to say a Costco visit was on hub’s bucket list, but we can cross off another life experience, a trip not soon repeated.