Saturday, October 3, 2015

Shorely the Best?

Our beach during calm weather.
Our town advertises life in this shore community as Shorely the Best. Beach living offers a wonderful lifestyle, but comes with a unique set of problems. It is delightful to walk down to the beach, stroll on the boardwalk any day of the year and breathe ocean air. Visitors marvel how well they sleep when here. The salt air magically lulls one to la-la land, allowing a long and peaceful night. Hub has become an expert on snoozing anytime of the day or night.

On the other hand storms and electricity blackouts are just two issues residents confront. Superstorm Sandy was not a positive life experience. The days involved evacuation, uncertainty about the condition of our home, relief that our house remained standing followed by weeks of floodwater-related repairs.

Then there was the storm named Irene. We lost electricity, then our microwave/convection oven died due to a power surge. In between and since is the insecurity of wondering whenever the weather forecasts an approaching storm what might happen. Will there be flooding? How bad will it be? Should I do laundry so if we evacuate we will have clean clothes to pack?

Hordes of Northerners flee full time or at least during the bitter cold winter months to warmer climes such as Florida. Hub and I have travelled to Florida ever since the kids were toddlers. My grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt and uncle, hub’s aunt and uncle all migrated south beginning in the early 1970s. Most recently our son and his family made Florida their home. Fun to visit, we are not interested in relocating to the Sunshine State.

Returning from the hot, humid Florida weather earlier this week we faced the possibility of another storm ravaging our area. Ominous reports of high winds, flooding, torrential rains and a hurricane dominated weather reports and special news alerts.

We stored the outside furniture, planters and other odds and ends in the garage and installed storm doors. Another positive aspect of coastal living, the weather forcing us to do what might otherwise not get done. There is a good chance outdoor stuff might remain outside throughout the gray winter months if storms did not compel us to act.

We ventured out to the grocery store and purchased the equivalent of a bread and milk snowstorm alert, in our case water, eggs and ice cream (a dietary necessity in cases of emotional turmoil caused by weather-related anxiety).

So what do we do now?

Long term, I mean. Do we stay, hoping to avoid severe weather damage for years? I doubt bad weather will skip our place until we decide to sell years from now. On the other hand maybe we experienced the worst for decades to come. Horrendous storms hit this area in the 1930s and again in the 1960s, and now in the 20teens. Maybe we are clear for another twenty or thirty years…

But I doubt it.

So where do we go from here?

Water has been discovered on Mars. Maybe we will colonize the planet soon, and hub and I can join the migration. That is one possibility, but I am sure we would not make it home every year for Thanksgiving dinner or any other event.

Maybe the top of a mountain, or at least a high hill.

Anybody have any good ideas?