Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Friends and New Ones Together in Florence

It is exciting to be in the middle of one of the iconic places on earth, a city studied in school, read about in history books, seen in pictures and movies.
Florence, Italy is one of those magical places characterized by huge old buildings, cobblestone streets and sidewalks, a river and numerous stone bridges, narrow alleyways, and lots of people. The city is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance and the home of artists and artworks for centuries.

But traveling is more than architecture and landscape. It is also about people.  Meet some of my new acquaintances and traveling companions.

Meet Pinocchio, the puppet who became a real boy. The author of this well known children's story, Carlos Collodi, was born in Florence.

My three traveling companions performing a favorite activity of most travelers. Street vendors sell selfie sticks on every corner.

Visiting museums and viewing art is an essential part of the Florence experience. Everyone sees the front view of statues in person or pictures, but many statues offer a 360 experience. One of my favorite views...

We met Leonardo on the street. He did not say much.

Street musicians enhance the travel experience in Florence and surrounding towns.

This meerkat was spotted in Siena, about 40 miles from Florence. These animals are found throughout the city. Eventually they will be rounded up and recycled.

What exhausted travelers do at the end of a long day sightseeing.


  1. You are so lucky to be taking this trip! I love the end of the day picture.

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy, and don't forget to bring home some of the leather goods that Italy is famed for.