Sunday, October 18, 2015

Best of Boomers on Journeys, New Family Members, and a Sober Warning about Insecticides

This week I am excited to introduce a new member of our group, Retired English Teacher. Her introductory post ponders her writing life since retirement. Meet Sally and read about a retired English teacher’s creative journey in Thoughts on Blogging in Retirement.

I spent this week packing for a trip, an exercise repeated innumerable times over the years. Yet it never gets easier. I gather stuff and pile them up, concede everything will not fit in my suitcase, take things out and place in a ‘maybe’ mound. Examining the pile, I realize the clothes have been in the suitcase before – often. Should I buy new clothes? Then I read Tom Sightings’ blog post and felt better…

Tom Sightings reflects on fashion -- well, if you can call it that -- on his latest post Dressed for the Occasion

And speaking of journeys and traveling…

Linda Myers, Thoughts From a Bag Lady in Waiting, recently spent six days with five other bloggers “writing and talking and eating and laughing.” And exploring lovely Vashon Island in Washington state. Read about her walk and check out the beautiful pictures at flip flops walk.

Laura Lee remained home this week, but did not lack for excitement. There's big news over at Laura Lee's new home! A new family member! 

On a more somber subject, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes on her blog The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide about a study that shows children’s exposure to household insecticides is linked to higher risks of childhood leukemia and lymphoma, the most common cancers in children. The analysis also found an association between use of outdoor herbicides on lawns and gardens and higher risks of leukemia.

Check out our bloggers, leave a comment, have a great week and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. It will not last long – Vermont experienced its first snowfall this weekend!


  1. You did a great job with including all of us in this post. It will be fun reading these posts.

    Brrr. My girlfriend in Vermont posted pics of the snow at her house. I think we will see snow sooner than I'd like, but for now, I'm enjoying warm fall weather.

  2. We had some snow in the air for a few minutes yesterday here outside of NYC. Brrrr. Winter is coming, so Snowbirds, start packing!

  3. Yes, snow on the ground here in my town and Mt.Mansfield and Camel's Hump are white capped! Time to think about heading to Florida but I am in the middle of my move now!