Thursday, October 1, 2015

Above the Clouds

I am above the clouds returning home following five days babysitting our three Florida grandkids and their beloved but aging golden retriever.

The days proceeded speedily. Well, not really. Each day did not seem to pass quickly while in the midst of kids and constant activity, but now that I am sitting, relatively comfortable on a plane flying home, time whizzed by.

Watching the kids is one of those experiences that drags on and on during the actual experience, but when over in retrospect was not long at all. Sort of like almost getting a root canal but the dentist decides the tooth cannot be saved and you end up getting a tooth pulled, my experience a couple of days before leaving for the great Floridian grandsitting escapade.

The best part of the past weeks round of goings-on?

Before revealing, let me explain. Flying Spirit, the low-cost airline out of our conveniently located airport just 20 minutes from the house, is an exercise in a variety of emotions - frustration, docile acceptance, resignation, sometimes anger, occasionally muscle spasms, aches and pains, and the hope that maybe sleep will make the trip tolerable.

Spirit seats are snug (I am being diplomatic) with constricted legroom. Everything a tight squeeze with every seat occupied.

Except this homeward bound plane. Almost full, but...hub and I waited patiently to board. Assigned zone four seating, meaning we did not pay extra for seats or anything else and therefore get shunted to the back of the line, we eventually walked onto the plane and located our seats. One seat in our row remained empty. We held our breath as the last few passengers in line behind us found their places. An empty seat on a Spirit plane is almost unheard of, a guiltless pleasure and wonderful treat if next to you...

OK, finally, the highpoint of our trip.

See the picture below?
An empty Spirit seat. Next to me! Life is good.

An empty Spirit airlines seat, about as rare as free food on airlines nowadays.

Hub and I spread out to enjoy the vacant seat between us. Not that I do not like hub's company or rubbing shoulders with hub and whoever happens to occupy the seat on my other side - I always get the middle - but a little breathing space is nice.

So, in the Spirit of flying high, we are happy campers.

It doesn't take much to satisfy two weary grandparents. A tall, cold drink, alcoholic even better, and a seat with space to spread our wings.

We will be home soon, looking forward to a day of rest and breathing cool fresh air following the hot, hot, hot barely breathable Florida sunshine. Driving the kids around town, cleaning up pee and poop on the family room and kitchen floor (the dog's), functioning as a short order cook, foregoing exercise because the weather makes me lethargic and draggy and the kids make me just plain tired...

Sitting here quietly above the clouds, I know I will miss the kids. Until next visit.


  1. Meryl, I think I needed to read this blog. I'm in my early 60s, and still waiting for grandkids. Sometimes I wax on about how much I'd love to have some little darlings to help raise, but your honesty about how much work it is (albeit very rewarding) is a wake-up call. I'll bet you and the kids made some really good memories. Enjoy being back home, where you can relax a bit.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. Hopefully the kids will remember the good times.

  2. I think your flying angel was up there with you, with that empty seat on a Spirit Air flight! Wow. And I have no grands and never will, now, so there's just a little envy in my commiseration about how hard it is to take care of the little ones. :-)

  3. Getting off that plane I did not feel exhausted and physically uncomfortable for a change. The extra space makes so much difference.

  4. Watching the kids is one of those experiences that drags on and on during the actual experience, but when over in retrospect was not long at all.

    Now that is perfectly described!