Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Era of Solicitations

I have entered a new age with my grandchildren.

The era of solicitations.

It was bound to happen. There were years back in the last century when my boys brought home brochures urging their parents and other adults to buy magazines, candy, popcorn, cookies, holiday wrappings, and I do not remember what else. What I do recall is the pocketbook often opening. Then my kids and their friends grew up, and we moved to a mostly non-kid area. 

The solicitations slowed to a trickle. I cannot remember the last time someone knocked on our door or sent an invitation to purchase something, for a good cause of course, through the mail.

Well, yes I can. My girlfriend’s son sent via snail mail a donation request for his football team. Every year. Not selling anything, just a plea to please support us. 

He graduated high school this past June. 

Also every year Girl Scouts appear outside the grocery store and other strategically located places, sitting at tables with mounds of mint cookies and other delights. I buy a box or two and usually give them away. They are dangerous if allowed into my house. I will eat them…

The offer to buy stuff from kids has begun once again with a new generation.

Yesterday we received a colorful brochure in the mail listing a variety of magazines we are supposedly eager to purchase. The envelope, stuffed with the brochure, return envelope, order card, and letter of explanation, came from my granddaughter’s elementary school. By ordering a product I am “helping America’s school & youth programs” – so says the logo, words wrapped around two hands shaking. Shaking hands, not hands quivering. Picture below to avoid misunderstanding…

Anyway, hub and I perused the brochure, not exactly with excitement and anticipation. Resignation would be closer to our emotion.

The ordering system, in keeping with modern technology, encourages online ordering. No need to fill out and return the form. We ordered two magazines online, each for one year. Discounts apply for multiple year subscriptions, but that presents a problem.

I will probably receive the magazine solicitation every year as long as my granddaughter, and then her younger sister, attend this particular elementary school. If I order a two-year subscription, I will have to order another magazine next year…and before you know it my mailbox will be stuffed with magazines, their load weighing down our poor mail carrier. And when will I find time to read everything?

I can renew a one-year subscription next year or try another publication I am not necessarily enthusiastic about reading. All for a good cause. And the grandkids.


  1. Hahaha. I remember those days. Right now I have two not quite to that point and two past it.

  2. My parents were my kids best customers, as I remember. I have not gotten too many of these even though my grand kids are at prime target ages.

  3. We still get occasional chocolate or christmas gift wrap solicitations from grandkids, but they have dwindled off. As far as magazines are concerned, we don't want subscriptions. However... I've heard that you can buy one and donate it to an old folks home or somewhere where they might enjoy it.

  4. I just stopped and bought myself a paper cup full of of lemonade from a kid who lives around the corner. It tasted great!

  5. I don't remember the last time I was solicited like this, and I really don't mind a bit! You are a soft touch, obviously. :-)

  6. I don't mind the solicitations - which are rare these days - but the weight of the subscriptions is too much. I'd rather just send a check.