Friday, September 11, 2015

Jetsetters R Us

Breakfast in Philadelphia, lunch in Seattle, dinner in San Francisco.

 A day on the road, actually in the skies. Jetsetters R Us.

Luckily our day did not turn out quite that way. 

Destination San Fran, frequent flyer points routed us through the Emerald City with a three and a half hour layover. So much for free.

The extended day began when my alarm buzzed at 4:00 a.m. and I found myself practically sleepwalking out of the house a half hour later.

Packing for a trip to warm weather places is a pleasure compared to stuffing winter wonderland wear in a reasonable sized suitcase. Hub and I squeezed our summer clothes into two carry-ons. Money saved, no charge for checked luggage. Not that we are cheap or anything...

We breezed through security, not always a fast, easy pass through at Philly airport. Following a quick, pricey, unsatisfying breakfast, we headed to the desk at our departure gate.

"Would it be possible to change seats so we could sit together?" Boarding passes indicated two middle seat assignments, not the most desirable.

"No," the chatty airline representative informed us. "The flight is full. Would you like $400 each to NOT take this flight?"

The wedding was not until Friday, and it was only Wednesday. We could do it, but in true negotiating fashion we responded, "How about moving us to the San Francisco flight instead? It is leaving the same time at the next gate. And that's our destination. We're scheduled to change planes in Seattle."

 "Why did you make the reservations that way?"

Not wanting to mention free, hub said, "I don't remember. Probably because it was cheaper than the nonstop."

"Well," the man said, in a chipper mood. He must have just started his workday and not yet faced many irate customers, "we need the seats. Any checked luggage?" We shake our heads no. "Then it might be possible..." And he spent the next couple of minutes furiously punching computer keys.

The next thing we know we are on a non-stop flight to San Francisco, arriving 11 a.m. Pacific time instead of 5 p.m. Middle seats but we do not care.

We were on our way.


  1. How very enterprising of you. Happy travels!

  2. Yay! What a great way to start a trip. Seems like many of my friends are traveling right now. :-)