Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Fashion Trend Perfect For Me

To all women dismayed, disappointed, discouraged and disheartened at the dismal choice of bathing suits –

Rejoice! There are now alternatives! Stylish swimwear for real women.

Designs include sleeves, shorts and leggings, skorts, skirts, tunics and dresses with mix and match options. Outfits look, at least in promotional pictures, form fitting and flattering, but not skin tight.

Suits are not (yet) stocked in most women’s shops, and the nearest retail outlet may be far from home. But we need not seek by foot, walking miles to find whatever it is we are seeking, or get in cars and expend valuable gas, mucking up the environment.

Our fingers can do the walking. Not in an old-fashioned telephone directory, but on the Internet.

Over the years it has been difficult finding bathing suits that were not too revealing, secured my well-endowed breasts and held in my ample midsection. The search appeared futile.

Until now. Try googling modest swimwear. A variety of options appear.

Who knew?

Not me.

I discovered this latest fashion trend in an article in The Wall Street Journal highlighting companies such as Undercover Waterwear and HydroChic. Founded by Orthodox Jewish women in search of discreet bathing suits, the companies are expanding their markets.

Most styles travel beyond pool or beach. Promoted as exercise as well as swimwear, garments effortlessly journey from pool or gym to stores, coffee shop or your kids’ (or grandkids’) school.

I am considering a purchase, but will probably pass on a skirt or dress. Swimming in a skirt or dress appears impractical, a drag on the swimmer.

Three issues stand in my way.

First, decisions must be made. Short sleeve or long? Should the top hug my waist or reach my hip? High neck or discrete low neckline?

Maybe leggings, Capri or longer length. A bright color or pattern or something more sedate? The decision-making process seems endless…

The second issue: Clothes cannot be tried on before ordering. Size charts do not always transform into a suitable garment. An outfit that looks fabulous on the model may not look quite as wonderful on my body.

And the third obstacle: Prices are not cheap, but locating a comfortable fitting suit that does not look awful is worth the big bucks. I may wait for companies to advertise sales, or until the introduction of new styles when companies place previous season’s unsold merchandise on clearance.

Shopping for swimwear requires faith, hope, suspension of any desire to look smart and snazzy, determination, the time to peruse websites, review options, and finally make a decision.

I will place my order…eventually.

So what do these swimsuits look like?
A couple of pictures from the HydroChic website:


  1. I had never thought of a market for suits like this before.
    I wonder if we'll be bringing back the bath houses that used to be wheeled into the water so that women could take a discreet dip.

    1. I used to think the bath house was a dumb thing, but walking from the beach into the water in a bathing suit makes me rethink the idea...

  2. Well, I will just add that those bathing suits with skirts are not at all comfortable for an afternoon spent floating around a pool even if they do cover up some trouble spots if you want to just lounge near the pool.

    1. I agree. And floating around a pool is my idea of fun in the sun.

  3. I kind of like the look of them, although I don't think I'd actually swim in one. I am going over to take a look! :-)