Friday, July 3, 2015

The Latest Cover Girl

Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of a sophisticated glossy women’s magazine, Vanity Fair, was  a confounding experience.

She is 65.

I am 65.

I do not look anything like her.

If she represents the new 65, I embody an older model.

We have some things in common. My hair is not gray, thanks to my hairdresser.

OK, we have one thing in common.

She worked hard becoming Caitlyn, imbibing hormones and botox and surgeries and, with the help of full-time professionals, learned how to become one of the sophisticated women that grace the pages of elegant, stylish magazines like Vanity Fair.

I do not know if the cover was photo shopped. But apparently Caitlyn has no wrinkles, no cellulite, no sagging neck, no flabby underarms, no drooping boobs, no knobby, creased knees or elbows, nothing to indicate she is a member of the baby boomer generation.

Honestly, not knowing anything about the person, staring at the picture, how old would someone estimate she is?

I bet no one would guess close to 65.

A picture inside the magazine shows her in a long gown, back to the camera, gazing out a window. I see a tiny waist, tight butt, and long slim legs…

I bet most of us with full-time professional assistance can look a few years younger, but we can never erase decades from our bodies.

Few of us live in a Caitlyn/Bruce world. No reality show documents our life, no Olympic medals adorn our mantle. Journalists do not line up at our door for exclusive interviews. Our kids do not have their own reality shows and do not cavort on the pages of People and other magazines.

But real life is not a reality show. The players may make oodles of money as cameras document their sham life, but their real real life is often a sad fractured fairytale.

I hope Caitlyn enjoys her new body and her new life.

Someone can keep me informed on her progress. I only read People and similar magazines in doctors’ offices, and have no plans to visit one soon. I got my fill of celebrity hype my last visit. Celebrity clothes (who wears it better?), celebrity kids and their clothes, celebrity couples dating, separating or divorcing, exes fighting…

All caught on camera in exotic vacation spots or in-places for dining and clubbing.

I added a headache to my list of maladies.

I am glad Caitlyn can now be the person she has always longed to be.

Thinking about it, Caitlyn is not really the new 65.

She is just the new Caitlyn. 


  1. If I could attach a photo here, I would... Bruce/Caitlyn looks all of his/her 65 years in unphotoshopped images. I'm not picking on him/her either... but know that his 65 still looks 65... a person who has taken good care of him/herself to the age of 65 and has a lot of help. I do think people don't look as old as they used to for whatever the reasons.. we are loser with our style, we know better on how to take care of ourselves than we did years ago... some of that factors in I'm sure.

    1. That would be "looser". *sigh Senior moment

  2. Yes, she is not the new 65. She is a trans with money and they are not like you and I.

  3. She is now the most beautiful of the Kardiashian/Jenner women with a little airbrushing help.

  4. It was fun for awhile but now I'm really tired of the Caitlyn/Bruce show. I wouldn't trade my 72-year-old body for hers anyway. :-)

  5. Yes, and I'm 72 and proud of it! Thank you for joining the chorus of women who embrace whatever age they are and inspire others with all the potential of that age. You write. You travel. You enjoy your family and friends. You have adventures. You readily share your great smile and delightful sense of humor. Sixty-five looks wonderful on you, as well it should, given the twin blessings of good health and a continuing determination to seize the day. Brava!

  6. I'm afraid that I don't read any of those magazines so I'm not up to date on the new 65. As of this coming week, I'm a part of the now 70's generation. And even so, I find that our 70's look a heck of a lot better than those back in the 40's. I think that even those of us that don't go in for a lot of make-up or alternative treatments live a much healthier life-style with the right food, exercise, and regular check-ups. As for being 70 and trying to look *young* - not sure about that.