Sunday, June 14, 2015

Timing is Everything

We make vacation plans, block out special dates like weddings on our calendar, and life goes on. We do not make provisions for special medical events, unless for a scheduled procedure we manage to squeeze in between holidays, work, and life.

I kept my calendar virtually empty last week in anticipation of cleaning the house in preparation for the grandkids and assorted other relatives descending the following week.

It is no trivial task. A week would barely be adequate.

However I got nothing done.

Welcome to the Cathedral of Laziness and Lethargy.

A.k.a. my body.

I spent a couple of days (maybe more, my mind is still a fog) at home sleeping, then a couple of days in the hospital. The emergency room doctor was so enamored of my cultures he declared, “We’re keeping you.”

The only silver lining I could think of was a loss of weight. I ate almost nothing for days, although in the hospital IV fluids entered my system 24/7.

I was cognizant enough when entering my home to find my scale. I needed some positive news.

What a bummer. The d**n scale did not move an ounce.

I am definitely weight-challenged. Fat cells, part of my body for so many years, refuse to leave. Or shrink. Or cooperate and do whatever happens when one loses weight.

So much for a silver lining.

The weariness and exhaustion experienced now, attempting to recuperate, is overwhelming. It is an effort to do anything.

Meanwhile life goes on. My son, his wife and granddaughter arrived last night to help with two additional grandkids arriving today. Three adults, three girls 3, 4, and 8, they will have a great time.

My granddaughter showed off her manicure, ten colors, one on each finger, apparently a trend with 3-year-olds nowadays. Examining my nails, she was appalled they were polish-less. She demanded I find polish, and after scrounging three bottles, she gave me a manicure.
A first-class manicure in three colors, carefully administered
by a three-year-old,
is a perfect antidote to the medical blues!


  1. That is a wonderful antidote! But I'm sorry you are sick, and with no up-side, either!

  2. LOL! For a 3 year old she did great, and yes, a perfect antidote. I'm trying to picture how anyone got 10 colors on tiny 3 year old nails! I'm sorry to hear you are sick though and I hope it is nothing serious. Take care

  3. Sounds like you're home from the hospital and recovering. That's a good thing.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. You probably have much water retention after all that IV fluid. May I recommend Weight Watchers? It works for me.

  5. I have been doing Paleo for 2 years now and lost all the extra poundage. I was weight challenged for so long. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Bummer. I suspect the universe was trying to tell you it is just plain crazy talk to clean before the invasion--er, visit--of grandchildren.
    hope you are better now!

  7. It's always awful to be sick, but I know what you mean about the scales not budging, even when you've eaten so much less than normal. But the important thing is that you're better and now can get back to healing up completely. Grandkids should help. :-)