Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Give-a-S**t Meter

 My give-a-s**t meter currently hovers near zero, a result of my recent illness.

Which, temporarily, is a good thing. There are a lot of people around my house now. One hub, three granddaughters, one son and one daughter-in-law. More descend beginning tomorrow.

My house has been taken over, but because my give-a-s**t meter idles near zero I do not care. Let everyone cook, let them play and run around my house.

My head is in the clouds, sort of, at least momentarily.

One day soon I will float back down to earth, look around, sigh, and begin reclaiming my house.

But not yet. I am content to let others take control.

I wonder what happens when others swoop down upon your home and start doing things. And looking for stuff…like cooking utensils, or scissors, or more toilet paper.

Is my home in a state of semi-organization that, with a bit of trying and ingenuity, items can be found? Are my drawers such a clutter it is difficult finding anything? I do not care, but the give-a-s**t meter on the healthy individual trying to find things might spike.

My closets are an unorganized mess, although I can usually find what I am looking for. Anyone else attempting to find whatever in any closet in my home may never be seen or heard from again, swallowed by the heap of stuff.

I guess this experience is a wake up call. Although I do not care people are using my house, I feel bad things are not exactly in good order.

Of course things could be worse. I like to look on the positive side…

So I guess the moral of this tale is that, although I may be satisfied with the state of my house, other people care about finding things around my house.

And a similar situation could happen again. So now  a massive home improvement project is on my agenda, not costing money but a big investment in time and energy.

I will begin when I am feeling better.

And my give-a-s**t meter begins moving again.