Saturday, May 16, 2015

Laundromat Mishap

It has been a long time since I sat in a laundromat, years ago on vacation. I remember hanging out in a storefront in a small town out West someplace.

Hub decided this was the day we were going to cross an item off our to-do list and support a local laundromat. Searching online, I found one not far away.

Late afternoon apparently is not a busy laundry time. A couple of other customers patronized the place, one woman loading a machine, another woman and young girl sitting and talking on a bench – no comfortable seating here, but free Wifi, and a guy transferring a load of wet clothes into a dryer.

Hub and I quickly loaded one oversize machine with our single item. My grandson’s sleeping bag, too large to fit in my home appliance.

We stored some of my grandson’s camp things over the winter. His family lives in Florida and he goes to camp up north. Planning to return to camp this summer, we agreed to store unneeded items over the winter. No reason to pay for additional baggage flying down at the end of the summer and again returning at the beginning of the following summer. His sleeping bag, sheets and blanket were among the items left behind.

Fast forward a few months and it is time to get ready for camp, although only mid-May. Everything will be washed (again, having been washed immediately upon entering my home) and ready when camp begins the end of June.

The sleeping bag spent much of the winter in the trunk of our car. On a trip to the Northern hinterlands – Vermont - in the midst of a cold, snowy, dark winter, we threw the bag in the car in case of emergency. You never know when additional warm layers might be needed.

We will not be using the sleeping bag now that spring finally sprung.

Hub interrupts my computer time with news the washing machine is leaking.

I announce to an employee hovering nearby, “Our machine is leaking,” and we go scout out the problem.

The machine was leaking all right, soap and water all over the floor.

The laundromat washer was a front loader,
but you get the idea!
Soap spewed everywhere. Hub bought a small box of detergent and poured the entire box in the machine. Stating there was a lot of soap in the machine and on the floor is an understatement.

But the problem was immediately evident.

A tie used to secure the sleeping bag together hung out the door.

My fault. I loaded and closed the machine without checking to ensure the door securely latched.

The employee hit the emergency stop button. Once the machine stopped spinning I opened the door, placed the string inside, firmly closed and locked the door, and started the wash again.

Meanwhile the employee disappeared, reappearing a few minutes later with a handful of towels, and proceeded to clean the wet, soapy floor. I offered to help, but she declined my assistance.

Who knows what additional havoc I might wreak.

And so the saga of my laundromat trip winds down on a quiet note. The washing machine completed its cycle, all of the soap miraculously disappearing.

The bag then began rhythmically spinning in the dryer, eating 25 cents every six minutes.

Hub passed the time on a bench listening to an audio book. I sat on an uncomfortable black metal chair watching the large clock directly in front of me, fingering quarters and getting hungry, thinking about dinner. More precisely, what I would prepare for dinner.

And the dryer whirled on and on and on…


  1. Well, you don't seem to be too taken with the laundromat. But I found your trip to be extremely amusing!

  2. Better that happens in a laundromat than at home!

  3. DH takes our oversized comforters to the laudromat to wash. Personally, I haven't set foot in one since college days - except when on our Alaskan cruise. They did have one on the ship which we did use once.

  4. The last time I used the lauder mat I waist England. Comes in handy when you're traveling and packed light.

  5. Uh-oh. I, too, remember laundromats from college days, and it sounds like they haven't changed much. Except for wifi.

  6. Thank for visiting my blog! Last time I visited a Laundromat was to pick up my beautifully laundered and folded couple of week's washing. then an aunt died and I bought my own machines with the inheritance. I noted this week that the Laundromat had "folded" forever.

  7. How funny. If there ever was an invention worth its weight in gold it is the modern washing machine. However add a human to the mixture and suds on the floor.