Friday, April 17, 2015

Best of Boomers 400th Edition

400. A nice round number. This week marks 400 weeks of Best of Boomer emails, each week comprising a variety of interesting, insightful, informative, humorous, serious posts by a group of incredibly talented, hard working and devoted individuals.

Until I somehow weaseled my way into the group.

I am not sure why or how I became a member, but am honored and happy to be one of the club.

I am the baby. Not in age (unfortunately), but the most recent to become a part of this weekly boomerthon.

I became a writer/blogger via a circuitous route. Way back when, in the last century when entering the world of work (after the usual series of high school and college jobs), I joined the professional community teaching and mentoring adults, then became part of the strait-laced business world, specifically in the financial arena. Relocation and the need for a change found me at the computer initially pounding out investment and business articles, then moving on to the fun stuff.

Writing is a solitary endeavor usually occurring in a cloistered environment. Most writers work at home or wherever they may wander, saving on commuting costs, a work wardrobe, meals out and other expenses, but the trade-off can be minimal contact - and sometimes zero connections - social or professional, with other writers. Local contacts via workshops and writers groups expand our horizons, but it is a wonder of the 21st century to be able to reach out via the Internet to other writers and readers, creating a virtual national and even international community.

It is fun, motivating and humbling to be part of a group provoking and at the same time inspiring me to produce on a regular schedule. 

I look forward to many more wonderful weekly postings from my colleagues, and to celebrating our 500th, another round number to acknowledge.

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