Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Has Almost, Just About, Boldly Sprung


Not that it is unusually late in the year for the first signs of spring, but the long, cold and dreary winter triggered doubts that spring would ever sprout.

Those doubts were cast aside yesterday.

The temperature topped 60 degrees. The sun shone bright and warm. With the extra hour of light, afternoon radiance lingered.

And perhaps best of all, our local ice cream shop is now open.

Shut tight the closing days of autumn, the storefront presented a dark presence in a line of retail shops on Main Street.

A few weeks ago signs began appearing on the store window. Opening in eight weeks…Opening in six weeks…and the anticipation grew.

Opening day was scheduled for last Friday, but snow on Thursday delayed deliveries.

The store opened its doors Saturday.

We were not one of the ice cream parlor’s first customers. We were out of town for the weekend, driving hours north into the cold tundra.
We got as far as Burlington, Vermont, spending the weekend with kids and granddaughter eating, reading stories, snowshoeing, and walking on a frozen Lake Champlain.
Lake Champlain (Burlington VT)
Walking on Lake Champlain, looking across the lake to New York state.
On the drive home we left frigid weather behind. We eagerly shed ski jackets, boots, gloves and hats, hopefully not to be worn again for months.

Monday dawned sunny and – dare I say it – warm! Relatively speaking, of course.

For the first time in months hub and I walked on the Boardwalk.

After dinner we strolled three blocks in the twilight to our neighborhood ice cream store and indulged.

Spring has sprung! 

Maybe these flowers - pictures taken previously in my yard
will reappear soon...


  1. And it has transitioned, here in Arizona just this week, from temperate to warm. Over 80 today and most of this week.

  2. Thanks for the peek at springtime in Vermont! I am staying in Florida until May this year.

  3. Our weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 60s today. If you see fireworks and hear shouts of joy coming from the Midwest, that will be me welcoming spring. Our difficult winter will make her arrival all the more glorious!!

  4. Yay for spring! I love the pretty crocus pictures. We already have them, but it's different here on the west coast. :-)

  5. Don't you love the way one frozen patch of ice resembles another? The Potomac was frozen until last week. Now spring is in the air...again.