Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Afternoon and Night Out on the Town (the Senior Way)

The night did not start as a night out. It began as an afternoon errand, not eagerly anticipated but a necessary task, which could no longer be ignored.

Sometime in the recent past some unknown person or persons stole one of our license plates – the front one. The back plate remained securely attached. We have no idea why the thieves did not steal both plates.

We needed replacement plates, requiring a trip to the nearest Motor Vehicle office. Hub detached the back license plate and we entered the hallowed halls of the rather chaotic New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

It was mid-afternoon and the place was bustling. Demographically the crowd skewed young, which makes sense since older folks already have licenses, and renewals and ordinary changes can be completed online nowadays.  

People wandered around everywhere. Folks sat at tables staring into space while others feverishly filled out forms. Children fidgeted and talked loudly, tugging at their parents’ sleeves or pants (depending on the height of the tyke), demanding drink/food/potty.

Lines meandered all over the place. We got on the end of the first line, positioned in front of the Reception Desk. The line moved quickly. We stated our case and were ushered to the front of a Customer Service window, returned our one license plate and were handed a form to complete.

I filled out the form and proceeded to the end of the line queued in front of windows A and B. Luckily the line moved swiftly once again. An employee scanned my form, initialed it, and then pointed to the next destination - Window C or D.

Once again we wandered through a fast moving line. Another state employee finally took the form and vigorously hit quite a few keys on her computer. She requested the $6 fee for a new set of plates (who said everything in Jersey is expensive!). We paid, received a new set of plates, the computer spit out a receipt, and we left.

The surprisingly smooth and thankfully expeditious process took less than an hour.

Walking out of the DMV office into a misty rain, hub asked, “Now what?”

I looked across the parking lot and said, “Let’s go to the movies. I want to see the second Marigold movie.”

And we did, arriving in time for a matinee (before 5:00 p.m.) at a reduced rate.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, as numerous reviews have stated, was not as good as the first. But it was a relaxing, enjoyable couple of hours. Additions to the cast include a charmingly blue-suited Richard Gere. He does not have to say much or act well (he doesn’t in this particular movie), but is terrific eye candy.

Leaving the theater hub looked at the restaurant next door and said, “We haven’t been to the Outback in a long time. Let’s have dinner.”

And we did.

We arrived home following our afternoon of shopping (sort of, for new license plates) and evening’s entertainment about 8:30 p.m.

We enjoyed a night out the senior way.

Only one question remains concerning a night on the town for seniors of a certain age: During the summer, can we boast of spending a night out on the town when the night out ends before dark? 


  1. You could easily be living in one of Florida's retirement communities.

  2. We just saw the original "Marigold Hotel" on DVD. Enjoyed it.. but found it bittersweet... a little sad, but enjoyable. Will watch the new one when it comes out on DVD. As for nights on the town... don't do those.

  3. I know I am strange, I have never found Richard Gere attractive. Bill Nighy is my kind of guy, and I will see the film to see him. Although the critics don't care for them, these silly films entertain older people who remember when the actors like Maggie Smith were young. I love her.

  4. Hah. I guess we don't even use the term "night out" any more. In the summer we do go to minor-league baseball games and they usually end well after dark, so they would qualify. But your question makes me realize that 20 years ago we often went to the neighborhood bar after the game. It was packed with players, coaches, front office staff, vendors, players' families, and fans. Too old for that now!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day. Any time you get through bureaucracy in an hours time is a win. Lovely time with the hubs is a win-win. Wonderful senior daay