Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Like Winter

Winter has gotten a bad rap this year. I admit the season deserves some of our indignation. Braving the bitter cold and listening to 24/7 news reports of one storm after another results in winter weariness.  

But in all fairness the season has its virtues, so here are 10 reasons to like winter:

·     *    We get to eat, guilt-free, favorite comfort foods such as mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and tuna noodle casserole. The extra calories help keep our bodies warm.

·      *   Winter clothes are great for hiding extra pounds, paunches and potbellies.
Winter provides opportunities for great cardio exercise - like shoveling snow.
·      *   No excuses necessary for temporary hibernation. Additionally we appreciate and revel in warmer weather and sunny days when finally here.

·      *   Southern destinations like Florida, Arizona, and Southern California benefit economically from hoards of visitors fleeing the frozen North.

·     *    The season provides bonus quality time with housemates.
·      Hopefully we do not live with the roommate from hell,
·      the kids are old enough to entertain themselves most of the time, and
·      lengthy time spent in close quarters with our significant other does not end in divorce.

·     *    Winter weather is a great excuse to cancel appointments, meetings, get-togethers, etc. we do not want to attend anyway.

·     *    The weather provides lots of pretexts to skip work –
·      my car won’t start,
·      the road is not plowed,
·      my front door is frozen shut…

·      *   We get to wear expensive winter gear purchased but rarely used, assuming we can find the stuff. Cleaning closets and storage places searching is a worthwhile use of involuntary indoor time. Once found, we can spend lots of time burying ourselves in winter wear, plodding clumsily outdoors and partaking in cold weather sports activities. My favorite is going back inside and drinking hot chocolate.
Mama and Papa Baer in their winter gear - hoodie footies.
·      *   For folks homebound alone, the opportunity to briefly shed society’s expectations should not be wasted. Wear your birthday suit, although I doubt it is warm enough in anyone’s home for that to be an acceptable choice. No reason to shower or brush your teeth or wear makeup or get out of bed at a certain time…

·       *   Life slows, except when making a bread and milk run before an approaching storm. Relax and enjoy the forced downtime. Spending more time than usual reading, watching TV, doing nothing, taking afternoon naps, and partaking in other delightful activities is acceptable. Before long the snow will disappear and the earth warm.

It might be hard to believe, but spring will arrive.
Or maybe later.
Trust me.
 Think spring!


  1. . . . and according to some researchers, we may live longer (but with all this crummy weather, who wants to?!?)

  2. Oh sure, and why should I trust you. All this stuff has something to do with the frozen North. As for travel, fat chance. Tried getting out of an airport lately?

  3. It will pass, and before I know it I will be reading about excess heat in the East. Just trying to make you feel better. :-)

  4. Ten reasons not to like winter: It's cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold . . . here in SW Michigan.