Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Keeping Up With the Lingo

While researching a retail corporation (a shameless addiction carried over from previous work in the financial arena) catering to the hip, trendy crowd, a word with which I was unfamiliar leaped off the page. The report comprised mostly financial lingo and statistics, with some descriptive information about the company’s products included.

The term that caught my eye was not a financial term. As far as I know, no financial phrase includes the word ‘sex’ or ‘sexual’.

And this particular word did.

Ready for it?

Multi-colored panoramic, glossy images instantly crossed my mind, but I cannot describe them here. After all, this is a G or PG rated blog, or it would be if blogs were rated.

I immediately proceeded to Google and feverishly keyed in the word.

Enough suspense?

Not knowing either of these words – Man Trend or Lumbersexual - underscores how out of touch I am with the latest fashion styles.

Usually I do not care my knowledge of the latest crazes is woefully out of date, but lumbersexual caught my attention. I was curious.

No wonder I never heard the term. I am not a man, not into the latest trends, and do not read male-focused media. I confess ignorance of Man Trends.

Woman Trends, too, for that matter.

I decided to become educated about Man Trends so I could educate my readers, who I know are eager to learn something new every day.

Male fashions and fads are Man Trends.

Lumbersexual is the latest (as of Wednesday, February 18, 2015) Man Trend. A new fashion rage may pop up today or tomorrow, but until then lumbersexual is the ‘in’ obsession.

Lumbersexual replaces the previous style.

Which was…


Another term never before seen or heard by this writer. I am obviously way, way out of the loop.

Metrosexuals are – or rather were - well-groomed, neat looking, clean-shaven, young, handsome (I saw pictures of these guys in ads. Necessary for my research.) dudes outfitted in slim pants.

The latest trendy man - lumbersexual - is a different type of guy.

Lumbersexuals project a carefully crafted image of careless, laid-back, muscular, ruggedly handsome, youngish (twenty and thirty-something, guessing by the magazine glossies) masculinity. Dress du jour is comfy looking, roomy pants.
I bet it takes a long time to put together that not very clean-cut but robust macho appearance.

No doubt advertisers work long hours creating Metrosexual and Lumbersexual images, hiring models with lots of gym time, using the expertise of makeup artists as well as professional photographers, Photoshop, and designer clothes.

I think I know what I learned from this experience:
Reading dry, boring financial stuff sometimes
results in interesting tidbits of information,
if the reader does not fall asleep too soon.

Or maybe I am supposed to keep up with the latest trends.

Meanwhile I will file this information away for some future Trivia game.

Now I am wondering what the latest Woman Trend is... 


  1. Who knew there was a name for it? All is see around here in the Pacific Northwest is the lumbersexual. I wonder if they work hard to get that look. I don't think so. :-)

  2. I've heard of metrosexual, not lumbersexual ... but it seems pretty close to the good, old-fashioned male fashion called "slob."

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date! I had actually known about the metrosexual look, so I took a good guess about lumbersexual. Kind of looks Vermontish.

  4. Very interesting. I didn't know. I'm going to try it out on the son and grandson and see if they think I'm cool.

  5. I'm stuck in a "cargosexual" mode. Very out-of-date, but necessary to carry all the stuff needed to sustain me in my last years. Probably, the label simply should be "cargo." Haven't been attacked by ladies in some time. Darn.

  6. First time commenting. Know metrosexual well. Thinking Lumersexual sounds sometime like Mr Money Mustache, perhaps?