Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wearable Tech for Me

People today spend oodles of money on the latest craze – wearable tech. I know because the media tells me so. The hype is everywhere. Companies fall all over themselves and others, developing and marketing state-of-the-art wearables.

Current wearables do not interest me. But I could be a prospective buyer if tech gurus wised up and produced gadgetry for the growing geriatric set.

I have a few suggestions, but perhaps most important, any device must be user-friendly, easy to learn and uncomplicated, simple, and trouble-free.

How about a gizmo that quietly vibrates to alert us a rest room is in the vicinity? We are always looking for nice clean ones. A device that pre-screens so we know there are no long lines or dirty cubicles to contend with would be ideal.

An alarm when a Starbucks is close by, a wearable piece requiring no activation, always ‘on’, fulfills a need. We can always use a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

A wearable back support would be heavenly. After exiting a car or standing after sitting for any length of time, bones feel stiff. How wonderful to get up and a gadget automatically triggers, soothing and massaging the spine!

A thingamajig worn around the neck that beeps when anything looks like it is in our way would be useful. We might actually avoid running into the object, whether a dog or pole or curb or car or even another person. Sometimes distracted, sometimes glasses may be out of whack, and sometimes we simply are not paying attention.

The best invention of all could be reverse rose-colored glasses. The glasses would project a special invisible light at the individual looking at you. The light, reflecting back towards you, reveals your face in the best possible way, lines smoothed and skin shining.

One more item…. an unobtrusive device worn anywhere on a woman’s body activated when a hot flash is about to begin. Mimicking a fan, the device would send what feels like cool breezes throughout the body.

Unfortunately gadgetry for boomers and beyond must wait for tech creators to mature. When they need these items and realize the potential for such innovations, the marketplace will be flooded.

Meanwhile I should learn to use all the options on my iPhone and computer. They are proving perplexing enough to master. 


  1. Yes. A warning device to alert me to imminent collision with random edges of furniture and kitchen counters would be most useful!

  2. I've long hoped for a gizmo that would tell me the names of persons greeting me with such undeniable but unidentifiable warmth. A whisper of how we know one another would also be helpful. Thank you.

  3. These are all priceless! I want the back massager, please. :-)

  4. I just love using a phone to make calls or receive them - what is wrong with that? LOL

    All the best Jan

  5. My husband wants the iWatch that will check his pulse and blood pressure or whatever. Sigh... I can't even learn all the functions on my new camera.