Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vacationing With Family

Following a holiday break, the Best of Boomers are back this week writing about recent travels, recent retirement, birthdays, and on a more serious note, boomer divorce and comments on current bleak events. Read the latest articles here.
During the break my family took a vacation...
Vacations are all about adventure and making new friends.
Fifteen members of my family, ranging in age from 3 to 90, enjoyed a week-long vacation over the holidays. A cruise through the deep blue warm (warm being the key word to most of us Northerners) Caribbean waters, this was a celebration cruise in honor of Mom's (a.k.a. Grandma, a.k.a. Great Grandma) 90th birthday. I could go on and on about the experience, but sometimes a picture is worth several paragraphs. 
Our family got together with a few - about 4,500 - other vacationers. 

Four  members of our group realized a lifelong dream - 
appearing in a Nickelodeon show and getting slimed.
What is a modern-day vacation without an opportunity to go shopping!
We made new friends (Great Grandma with a member of the Blue Man Group).
We fled the cold north, but so did lots of other people.

We tried to learn new skills. Two people (unnamed to protect the flunkies) failed napkin folding and were not promoted to the next class – towel folding. 
Hearty folks missing the Northern cold spent an evening in the Ice Bar.
Everyone partied!
And everyone had a great time.
Note: The fashionably smart outfits worn by the entire family are Pajamagram creations.
This is not, however, a paid advertisement, 
but a comment about the company where my son works. 


  1. How fun and memorable! What a wonderful, wonderful trip, holiday, pile of great, precious memories. :)

  2. .......and a great and memorable time was had by all.

    Thanks for sharing your photo's with us.

    All the best Jan

  3. What a great time! To all be together like that is now a memory that everyone will cherish. Great photos, too! :-)