Sunday, January 25, 2015

Four Weeks From Home

Hub’s Retirement Celebration Trip began December 26th.

It officially ended January 23rd.

We did not experience an exotic vacation in far-off lands, although some might consider parts of Florida far-off and, if not exactly exotic, definitely quixotic. There was family togetherness, grandsitting, and sightseeing.

The first couple of days home I sorted through a month’s collection of worthless ads and unsolicited junk mail delivered by our strong postal carrier. Bills needed paying. Notification of jury duty required a response within five days. I had no idea when the notice arrived. No date on the communication and no postmark. But I immediately logged on to the website and filled out a questionnaire – I am eligible! (qualifications established a very low bar) – and now look forward to possible jury duty the beginning of March. Maybe it will snow...Food shopping, unpacking, laundry, catching up on missed TV shows (Downton Abbey!) filled the rest of the time.

Four weeks away from home, the longest time ever for both of us.

Ten Benefits of Being Away From Home

Dust collects more slowly (or at least seems to) around the house, but it does not matter. I am not home to notice or remove the dust bunnies.

I do not have to eat leftovers.

I do not strip beds and launder towels and sheets as well as clothes, extending laundry time.

I am not staring at the same indoor scenery every day. Some rooms I like, others need work. I am not ambitious enough to plunge in and undertake the projects.

I do not need to deal with broken anything around the house.

Electric and gas bills are lower.

Meeting new people, talking to different people, and making new friends is stimulating.

Ditto for exploring new places and trying new activities.

My car, sitting motionless in the driveway, will not have to be replaced quite as soon as if driven, battered in bad weather.

Dragging suitcases around and packing and unpacking develop organizing skills and shoulder muscles.

And Ten Advantages of Staying Home

My own comfortable bed, pillow and quilt.

My comfy chair.

The afghan I wrap around myself before sitting in my cozy chair.


Exercise classes.

Down time between activities when needed.

Familiar roads and stores, knowing where I am going and how to get there (most of the time).

I can cook my own food the way I like it (or hub can cook the food the way we like it).

We spend less money.

Our town is home to the best bagel bakery. We have really good pizza, too.

In summary, it is fun to go away but nice to come home!


  1. I loved all the reasons you listed for being away, and I could relate to why it is good to stay home. We've not traveled in a long time. We are going to Florida for a week soon. It should be fun to go and good to come home for all the reasons you listed!

  2. I'll be posting one of these in a little less than a month. I'm already looking forward to establishing my old routines. :-)

  3. Your list made my day. I can only add (which you've already kind of suggested): New friends. Old friends.

  4. There's no place like home ...... and that's a fact

    All the best Jan

  5. My husband and I just got home from a trip also and can relate to just about all of your pros and cons. I put an official stop on both the mail and the newspaper - neither of which were actually stopped. Fortunately we have neighbors who picked up our newspapers and mail for us so they weren't a red flag indicating that we were out of town.