Saturday, December 27, 2014

My New Year’s Prognostications

Hub and I spent a good part of Christmas Day driving. First we drove through the heart of Philadelphia to rendezvous with hub’s family for dinner. Then we drove to my Mom’s home on Long Island.

Covering over 200 miles through two major cities, we encountered no traffic jams, no construction-in-progress delays or detours, few trucks, no accidents, no bad weather – no delays whatsoever. We made excellent time both trips. It was a Christmas Day miracle!

And now it is time to look ahead and predict 2015 happenings.

So here goes, a few predictions, hopes and guesses for 2015, in no particular order:

Hub enters almost complete retirement mode January 1 and will spend more time at home. My prediction is that at times I get annoyed with him and we will bicker as he adjusts to his new status.

The number of upbeat news stories (except around Christmas) continues to decline, increasing geometrically my frustration with short news shows, long news programs, and 24/7 mind-numbing ‘news’ stations.

The political scene heats up again, and as much as we might want to avoid the hoopla, the media already expends too much time and energy on the 2016 elections. Jeb is in, probably, most likely, not definitely…Romney is out…well, maybe not…Look! Elizabeth Warren over there! Eyeing Hillary…(I predict) it is going to be a very long, politically-saturated year.

And while on the subject of saturated…I hope no major storms strike resulting in death, injury, property damage or other problems. Hopefully 2015 will be a boring year weather-wise.

I am clueless about pop culture, whether music, movies, TV shows, celebrities, fashion. I have no idea what will capture people’s imagination next year, but…I believe black will be in, as always, especially with the older crowd attempting to hide extra pounds and protrusions…I am not an Angelina Jolie fan, but predict her movie Unbroken will win awards…I am in mourning since learning Hot in Cleveland will be history, but predict Betty White will win an award or two this year…The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will rock the ratings (I must admit I watch late shows On Demand. I do not stay up late enough to watch live)… And Downton Abbey will be great fun to watch, as usual.

A cooling period is on the horizon for the stock market following record-breaking numbers. Interest rates finally begin to rise. And of course another financial scandal makes headlines.

Congress continues underperforming and increases its obstructive behavior, not so much a prediction as unfortunate certainty.

Gas prices rise, regrettably, topping $4/gallon again.

The mob plans to relocate headquarters from wherever they are in the U.S. to Havana.

American tourists, many via cruise ships, invade Cuban shores.

Pluto is once more upgraded to planet status (hub’s wishful prediction).

I will not win the lottery.

I will acquire a taste for kale and actually use it and eat it.

Puerto Rico requests statehood, and Texas secedes from the United States upon hearing the news (Ted Cruz elected Texas’ first President). We will not have to buy or design a new flag!

More exercise and weight loss are on the 2015 agenda for hub and me. (OK, stop laughing! I see that smirk on everyone’s face…).

I turn 65 in 2015, not a prediction, hope or guess, but an indisputable, incontrovertible fact. ‘Nuff said…

Wherever you are,
Before the Calendar turns
And Hibernation Season begins
a.k.a. January

Wishing everyone a
Very Happy and
Healthy New Year! 


  1. He he, I like your predictions regarding Cuba. But not the one about gasoline!

  2. I predict Puerto Rico will never be a state and Texas will never secede from the Union. I predict you won't like Kale and you will wish the Hub found a hobby. Especially when he gets a cold and moans and groans at death's door.

  3. What fun! I should do this for next year. I think many of your predictions will come true, in fact, even if I wish they wouldn't! :-)

  4. I predict that just about all of your predictions come true! I'm especially hoping for Texas to secede, as long as we can keep Austin.

  5. Well now we have a reason to watch the news--to see if some of your predictions come true or ot.

  6. It will be nice to have mob headquarters off shore. Glad you foresee that.

  7. Fun post, and hi! New to your blog. Looking for over 60 bloggers, although my blog is about healthy eating, actually. Still, I'm more than just THAT. :) Happy new year!