Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Final Note on Election 2014

And 2016 Presidential Election Update #11

Politics is the best show in America.
I love animals and I love politicians,
and I like to watch both of 'em at play,
 either back home in their native state,
or after they've been captured and sent to a zoo,
or to Washington."
-Will Rogers 

Conservative Republicans won Washington.

Progressive ideas won the grassroots ballot questions.

We are a divided country.

It seems that following each election cycle Washington becomes more and more a separate entity, alienated from the people the governing body is supposed to represent.

The new group of ruling Republicans, guided by dyed-in-the-wool conservatives, held their celebratory press conference the day after the elections in front of a sign stating, “Stop Obama. Fire Reid.” And Limbaugh continued ranting about blocking Obama on everything and anything the President attempts to do.

But all that is history now. On with the 2016 show!

What makes pre-election hoopla interesting is the unexpected, usually in the form of scandals, about sex, money, bribery, nepotism, plagiarism, embellishment (such as education and resumes), or just plain stupidity.

As the Presidential battles begin, I long to see who falls first.

Of course we do not yet know who is definitely running. Rumors abound, politicians hint, and the media speculates. The committed will begin throwing their hats in the ring soon after the first of the New Year.

I have to admit, however, the absence of political ads is a blessing.

On the other hand, replacement ads encouraging, urging, exhorting us to shop are not much better.

So let the political games begin! Sometime in 2015…

Disliking pre-election hype, I am considering signing on for a long outer space ride that will take me far away from the electioneering. I want to leave before January 2016, when things really heat up, and return the day after Election Day.

I would (thankfully) miss the constant bombardment of political propaganda, making it difficult to decipher truth from falsehoods, reality from fiction.

But I guess politics has almost nothing to do with reality.

I still plan on voting, my information received via coded messages from my grandkids, who will be as well-versed in campaign trivia – or not – as most adults. Or maybe I will stock up on reading materials before leaving. Most candidates have written at least one book. I will cast an absentee ballot, assuming between now and November 2016 my state does NOT pass ID laws limiting my participation. I have no idea on what grounds my vote would be unwelcome, but politicians, if nothing else, can be creative at times. But I digress…

Unfortunately I cannot afford a space voyage, but am considering starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund my trip.

Or maybe I will find a place right here on Earth – a nice, quiet, safe, inexpensive place - without TV, cell phone service, cable, or any other communications with the outside world. A location with no access to liberal media, conservative bombasts, or daily news announcing the latest survey results.

If anyone knows of such a place, let me know. 


  1. I would be happy just to find a place where the phone does not ring all the time--surveys (if the election were held tomorrow...?), begging for money, begging for money, begging for more money, reminders to vote, and on and on. Thank God for caller ID! The best invention in my life time.

  2. Loved your post. I spent a good part of the last 8 months or so staying away from cable news....on purpose. I found myself much happier. I got so fed up with the dividedness of our government that I swore to myself I would not be voting again.

    Ok, that plan didn't work so well as I found myself standing in line at my local polling place just recently.

    Yes, this paragraph in History is almost over, the haters will get their way as that family of color will be exiting the White House in due time. Some should be careful what they wish for.

    I will find some joy in hearing the collective gasp by some, when Hilary takes her seat in the oval.

  3. If you find it, take me with you! :-)

  4. Sign me up for that ride to outer space. But can you imagine, when we get back, it will likely be Clinton v. Bush. Are we still in the '90s?!?

  5. A fellow political junkie. Hillary will lose my vote if she continues to play the race card.

    At present, the only Republican I could vote for is Jeb Bush, but I doubt the Republicans are intelligent enough to nominate him.

    Christie lost my vote with that stupid an unnecessary 'bridge gate.' I don't think he knew about it, but he hired the staffer, or the staffer who hired the staffer who did,and the buck stops with the chief executive.

    Disgusting isn't it.