Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I Learned From My Grandchildren

A few weeks passed since my trip to the grandkids Halloween weekend. Visits sometimes take on the aura of an exhausting hands-on, educational experience requiring rehab time afterward. As I rested and rejuvenated, I thought about the insights gleaned over that weekend.

 A question about the kids nagged at my brain. 

I realized the youngest generation has no identifying tag. Or at least I did not know what the generation has been nicknamed by observers.

My contemporaries comprise the baby boomers. Our parents belonged to the Silent Generation, also known as the Greatest Generation. Behind boomers are Generation X and the Millennials (also labeled Generation Y or the Echo Boomers).

I researched the question, an easy task nowadays with the Internet at our fingertips. I discovered that kids born from 2000 to the present are called Generation Z or the New Silent Generation. I am not sure why. I can attest that my grandchildren, members of the New Silent Generation, are anything but silent (except when sleeping).

During my Halloween visit the 4, 7, and 10-year-old opened my mind and filled my brain with the following tidbits -

Boys when they get older lose their hair and go bald, or turn gray. Or both. Girls, on the other hand, maintain their full mane and the same beautiful color forever - blonde or black or brown...Which made me wonder why I spend so much money at the hairdresser, but this wonderment was not shared with the 7-year-old.

Spending $25 on a new water bottle is a good investment. For my granddaughter. If I buy it. This was one investment I did not make, despite the whining and begging and insistence on needing the item. I know there is an entire cabinet in her house full of water bottles, perhaps not as pretty as the new one, but definitely as useful. Score one for Grandma.

Butterfingers are given out in large quantities on Halloween, but no one in our family likes them. Unwanted Halloween candy is carefully stored away, waiting for next Halloween to be handed out to a group of unsuspecting kids who probably also do not like Butterfingers...if anyone remembers where the stash is hidden months from now. Actually, the uneaten sweets will probably end up in the garbage long before next Halloween.

I finally got Elsa and Anna straight (from the movie Frozen, for those unfamiliar with Disney princesses) and learned most of the words of the song Let It Go (also from the movie). The four-year-old was supposed to be Elsa for Halloween, but at the last moment decided a pirate princess better suited her personality and wardrobe. She wore a black wig and super girl cape along with angel wings and a princess dress. It is, of course, a woman's - and girl's - prerogative to change her mind. The Elsa dress can be worn next year, but probably will not fit. And the kid will want to be someone else, anyway. But the dress will get a lot of wear around the house.

I also wore a costume on Halloween, a mask and two boas draped around my body. I thought I would be a trashy diva (after the name of a chain of shops in New Orleans), but my daughter-in-law insisted I be G-rated. I became Fancy Nancy's Grandma. Fancy Nancy is a series of books about a young girl who loves dressing up very fancy and throwing around French words.

Like au revoir!
The Trashy Diva
a.k.a. Fancy Nancy's Grandma


  1. Well ... you got quite an education!

  2. My grandson is 15, too old to dress up for Halloween (not cool!) and I'm being educated on basketball, what's hot or not and why my truck needs bigger tires, a louder exhaust system and a better stereo plus how he might force himself to accept said truck when he turns 16 as he knows that I can't afford a new one JUST for him

  3. Isn't strange that someone who claims to boycott American women is so often found lurking around American women's blogs?

  4. So this is what I learned from my 7 year old grandson: "No offense, Grandma, but did you know there is stuff you can buy to put on your face and it gets rid of wrinkles?"

  5. Ha! I think the Trashy Diva looks pretty darn cool. I like the smile coming from behind that mask. :-)

  6. I belong to the forgotten generation...War Babies. Although the Depression did not end until WWII ended, some marketing folks place us in the Depression era, we are not the people who fought WWII, however.

    The Boomers come later. My baby brother born in 1947, was a Boomer, I am not. My kids were born at the end of the BB.
    My older grandchildren are "Millenials" the younger ones are Gen Y? We don't fit neatly into categories you see. Besides, there are two sets of boomers, old ones and young ones. The photo places you in he latter group I fear.