Friday, October 24, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons I Travel

Hub and I travel. There are those who prefer staying close to home, and look quizzically at us as we regale them with our latest escapades.

"Why?" they ask.

Here is my answer (more accurately my ten answers) to that question.

10. Cleaning the house gets boring and tiresome. Leaving for a few days or longer delays the process. The house gets dusty, but everything else remains in place. The dirty stuff patiently waits until I return, and the clean parts remain clean longer.

9. I like spending some time in warm weather during cold winters.

8. When opportunity knocks hub and I now often say, "Sure, why not..." when we used to say, "Not sure we can afford it....or cannot take off work...or cannot miss whatever else is going on."

7. Business travel can be exhausting, especially for older folks (I am talking specifically about hub, still working and traveling). I, however, no longer go to an office every morning, and can tag along and play. A very good deal (for me). I just spent several days exploring New Orleans while hub remained cloistered in a convention center. More about my adventures in future posts...

6. I want to view with my own eyes places seen in pictures and read about in books.

5. When our family business, Babysitters R Us, gets a call, we aim to please and usually say yes. Can't say no to the grandkids (most of the time) - they all live out of town. But in case anyone is looking for ideas for a business seeking extra income in retirement, note that payment is hugs and kisses in lieu of cash.

4. I like a challenge, and it is an interesting one finding cheap and reasonably priced accommodations when the traveling bug takes hold. Home exchanges, visiting family and friends, off-season specials and last minute deals are researched. All suggestions welcomed!

3. I like exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new foods.

2. I am following in my parents' footsteps. They traveled after retirement, and Dad would always say, "We are spending your inheritance." And they had a good time. As a good daughter, I am following their example.

1. Traveling is a lot of fun!


  1. You have convinced me! I am ready to pack a bag.

  2. I like to travel partly because it's so nice to come back home to my own bed. :-)

  3. I've tried to get my Hubby to consider home exchanges with no success. How do you do it?

  4. I don't think you need to justify your love of traveling. And I don't need to justify my love of staying home. To each his own, I say.

  5. I agree with Dianne -- you don't need to justify your love of traveling -- but nevertheless I enjoyed your ten reasons. Honestly, I'm not much of a traveler myself (I have my own reasons; maybe I should blog about them) but I certainly do share your Reason # 9!

  6. I would like to know how retirees find cheap airfare! It's our first year. I guess we need to go to the places we can drive..I DO want to see more of the U.S. But--what about that airfare?????? Tips,hints??

  7. We have found airbnb is the most awesome way to find a great room or even a whole cottage or apartment, WAAAYYYY cheaper than hotels with all their crazy fees.We have enjoyed staying in luxurious hoes in Sedona for just $60 a night with full use of kitchen,balconies, pool. A whole cottage, also in Sedona, for $65 a night last summer.Walking distance to swimming at red rock Crossing. Santa barbara, Philadelphia, Collingswood,N.J., Cape May! San Diego. Next month we'll get a bedroom and bath in Prescott, so we can enjoy the Christmas lights at the Courthouse. our second stay with that hostess.. I LOVE airbnb.