Friday, August 29, 2014

A Patriotic Pair Step Up and Purchase New Stuff

 Hub and I can happily pat ourselves on the back this week as we deplete our checkbook, knowing it is for a good cause.

The U.S. economy.

We recently purchased two kitchen appliances. One needed replacement due to the death of its predecessor – our microwave/convection oven – the other resulted from a sale we could not pass by.

Shopping, eating and cooking patterns changed as we adapted over the years from young singles to a married couple, to a family with kids with bottomless stomachs, back to couple status again.

Over the years our kitchen appliances sometimes matched our needs, but at other times did not (the appliances came with the territory - the house purchased, we could not afford to replace the old one, the wish list model proved unaffordable…).

We were happy with the older appliances in our current home (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher all predate the purchase of our home in 2010 and are at least a decade old, and probably two decades old), but realized replacement was inevitable.

What was not necessarily inevitable was the replacement of the one kitchen appliance purchased new – the microwave/convection oven.

Yet that is exactly what happened.

Thrown a lemon, we try to make lemonade. Which in these circumstances was easy enough to do in our kitchen.

We met the challenge, stepped up and became patriotic Americans.

We spent money.

By doing so, we helped spur the economy to new heights. The day after we purchased two new appliances, the stock market rose half a percent. That may not sound like much, but every little bit helps. We are proud to be responsible, even a little bit, for that rise.

After all, buying new stuff is what the American dream is all about. Buying new stuff is what consumers are supposed to do.

We are the greatest economy on earth.

Because we spend money and buy new stuff.

So hub and I joined the throngs of Americans indulging in the most popular recreational activity of all – shopping.

We researched online.

We perused the unending number of circulars covering our front porch every Sunday.

We got in the car and depleted expensive gas driving to brick-and-mortar stores, overwhelmed by the number of brands and models available. And of course prices, which start modestly for a stripped down, cheap no frills model from an unheard-of brand to a sleek, fully loaded, overpriced boutique brand with a cool foreign-sounding name from another country but still made in China.

A lot of appliances are made in China. Or South Korea. Many machines manufactured in the U.S. have a substantial amount of foreign parts. It gets complicated…

We purchased our two new appliances at a local appliance dealer because we have dealt with both their sales and service department favorably in the past. Our research provided us with the information needed to assure ourselves we were not being ripped off. Prices were comparable to the big box stores and online ‘specials’.

So, enough with the suspense, what did we buy?

A Maytag microwave/convection oven.

And a Maytag refrigerator. One door, freezer on top.

The Maytag refrigerator was a floor clearance model. The company is changing the design (new handle).

We do not care. Good price, we grabbed it.

We do not need a fridge with lots of bells and whistles. Two of us live in the house. No pets. The kids and grandkids stop in and stay for a week occasionally, but not long enough to warrant a large fancy fridge.

Why replace the fridge? The enamel on the old one is peeling, the icemaker works sporadically, and the freezer compartment on the two-door unit is too narrow for lots of things (one example – an ice cream cake). And we were shopping and spending money and saw a good deal…our patriotism shines through!

Our new fridge is no-frills, except it is stainless steel.

I know - next week stainless will be passé.

But hub and I will survive the humiliation.

We spied slate appliances, apparently the latest innovation in kitchen design. Otherwise white and black appliances, in addition to stainless, prevailed.

Anyone know what happened to all those avocado, yellow, blue (turquoise, actually) and other colored appliances of the 1950s and 60s?

Anyone out there own one? 


  1. Very fitting way to celebrate the Labor Day holiday! I so admire your patriotic fervor and willingness to bleed that checkbook for a good cause.

  2. I do hope you like your new purchases. Thank you for being such a patriotic couple! I don't buy stuff like that since I'm a renter, but you make me want to. :-)

  3. I liked those colorful refrigerators! I had a copper refrig. when I was first married in the 70's.Like you, we are in a home with very old appliances and finally had to update,I ,too,am now "stainless" and au courant or not, it will serve me till it dies!! I do love to cook, and we eat 3 meals a day here at home..we love good good appliances in working order is a MUST!

  4. This post got me fired up (well sorta) for the current challenge--buying a new snow blower to replaced one that died. And I needed a jolt into action. A whole lot of snow will appear here in southwestern Michigan very soon. Arghh.