Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer 2014 Presidential Campaign Update

No. 7 in a Series

865 Days Until the 2016 Presidential Election

Of course the campaign has not officially begun, but no one informed the news media.

Republican Primary Bombshell and Another Less Rattling Result

The biggest political news story recently was the surprise defeat marking the end of the political career of Eric Cantor, Republican House Majority leader, by the people of his Virginia district. I will not rehash the analysis of his demise. Suffice it to say it is a sign of these chaotic political times.

Then there is the continued dominance of the great Senator from Mississippi who fought back a well-funded Tea Party contender backed by many Tea Party big shots, including Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum. The old guy prevailed, although at the time of writing Chris McDaniel refused to concede, claiming voting issues and possible fraud.

I am not a fan of the Tea Party, or the ole Miss Senator. Probably neither guy should be in the Great House, but of course no one asked my advice or opinion.

I think geezers like Cochran who have been around for decades - he was first elected in 1972 - should take a good look in the mirror and admit it is time to pass the torch to a younger generation.

These primaries do not have anything to do directly with the Presidential campaign, but set the stage for the Republican Presidential primary battles ahead of us.

Hillary Sells Books...and Hillary

Meanwhile the Democrats' possible future standard bearer, Hillary Clinton, kept busy lately making the rounds of bookstores promoting her book.

Hillary's story is one many of us can relate to.

Poor girl, after her hub left his last job the family was in a tough financial spot. The big bucks he was going to reap on the talk circuit, the books he would write, and consulting gigs would not be enough to finance their life style.

She had to go back to work.

And she did, running for public office, winning elections and receiving a respectable paycheck, rescuing her family from economic distress. Then she landed a prestigious position with a former opponent.

Eventually the stress of working and traveling became difficult. Hillary quit her job and, following in her husband's footsteps, went on the speaking circuit, earning a few bucks. She decided to write about her reentry into the work world and now travels the country visiting bookstores, selling books and patiently smiling at folks while signing purchases, realizing these could be future votes should she once again return to work, this time succeeding her ex-boss.

She may decide not to pursue the job. After all, Hillary will soon be a Grandma. The responsibilities of that job, along with speaking engagements and additional writing opportunities, will eat up a lot of her time. I am not sure she will have enough time and energy remaining for the rest of us.

In Pursuit of Any Politician

Politics are on my mind because I will spend the weekend in the Great City inside the Beltway, a.k.a. Washington, D.C. The political maneuvering, the bickering, the corruption, the shenanigans, the secret dealings, frustrate, appall and fascinate observers.

I would love to spot one or two or three or more of these movers and shakers. Unfortunately I doubt that will happen, for a number of reasons.

     * It is a weekend. Politicians do not normally work overtime weekends, unless campaigning or fundraising.

     * It is summer. Politicians take a lot of time off in the summer, unless campaigning or fundraising.

     * The fall of Eric Cantor sent fear down the spines of politicians who rarely visit their constituency, unless campaigning or fundraising. They are returning home to renew relationships with voters.

   * A lot of tourists are in town. Politicians do not like to be accosted by 'the people' if they can help it.

     * Washington gets very hot and humid in the summer. Smart and sane residents, locals and politicians, leave town.

On the other hand, maybe I am being too pessimistic. Maybe I will see some politicians. After all, a lot of them are not the smart or sane ones.


  1. I have come to the sad conclusion that, in order to be a successful politician, one must have a serious personality disorder.

    1. And I continue to vote--so what does that say about me?

  2. I doubt that you will see any of them, but then again, why would you even want to? Surrounded by their entourage, they probably would block the entire sidewalk. Have fun in DC, though, anyway! There's so much other stuff to see and enjoy. :-)