Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life As Usual?

Following one more Spirit Air trip on a packed flight to Florida, hub and I picked up a rental car, collected our grandson, and took off on the open road.

An expensive road. The Florida Turnpike.


But it is the shortest route to Atlanta, Georgia.

618 miles is not exactly a short trip. No one in the car wanted to pile on extra mileage to save a few dollars, which would not be a great saving considering the additional miles driven.

Anyway, summer road trip!

The open road is not as open as it used to be. Traffic moves along, but the constant flow of belching trucks, cars cutting across lanes, and pickups laden with everything from greenery to guns lays siege to the driver intent on simply driving along, hoping to get from point A to point B intact.

We made a quick stop at what is probably the largest service plaza in the country. The ladies' room was definitely the largest I ever patronized, the rows of stalls endless. On the positive side there was no queue, unlike the rest of the building where lines backed up behind the usual cadre of fast food vendors.

In case anyone is interested in seeing this phenomenon of modern highway architecture with their own eyes, it is located on the Florida Turnpike south of Orlando, nine miles south of Yeehaw Junction.

I love that name - Yeehaw Junction. You know you are in the south when signs announce Yeehaw Junction a few miles ahead.

The landscape surrounding the highway becomes marred with billboards when crossing the Georgia border, most touting guns, ammo, and more guns, fast food restaurants, and a variety of Church messages.

After several days in Atlanta, we will continue travelling home to the Jersey shore via Washington D.C. to show our grandson the sights - he has never been to our capital city - and my attendance at the NSNC (National Society of Newspaper Columnists) conference.

Sometimes a plan comes together.

And then a unique, temporary happening.

I will be home. And back to life as usual.

What happens when finally home?

I look around the house and realize there are things to do. Lots of things. Many I planned to tackle last year, but never did. I created a list of around-the-house to-do's to complete during the cold winter months cocooned indoors, activities like organizing shelves of knick knacks, cleaning cabinets, and de-cluttering closets.

I think about doing those things, but the ambition, the motivation, the get up and go, seems to have got up and went, perhaps permanently.

I look forward to food shopping, preparing meals, and enjoying a summer of visiting relatives and friends.

It is finally barbecue season, time to savor coffee in the morning on the front porch and dinner on the picnic table in the backyard, assuming the weather cooperates.

Life as usual.

Sounds nice.

I can't wait.


  1. I second that thought. Summer will, as usual, pass by at warp speed.
    Yesterday, instead of staying in, I took my breakfast and sat outside, enjoying the perfect summer morning I'd been given.

  2. I cannot imagine driving all that distance all at once. You reminded me that I am not fond of the South and all its conservative charm. :-)

  3. Now I am wondering how life as usual will inspire a road trip?