Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Woes Begone!

One pedestrian walking on a usually busy main street.
I am spending too much time indoors. Not by choice, but by weather. I attempt to go outside, dressing for the elements – socks and boots, warm pants, sweaters, jacket, hat, gloves – and venture outdoors.

I walk briskly the few steps to my cold, cold car. It takes several minutes in single digit temperatures to warm up that hunk of steel.

In theory I like the idea of bundling up and staying outside. But my blood thins as I age. I am not fond of cold weather, and once outside the cold and wind discourage me. I dash back inside.

Today (Monday, March 3) hunkering down is mandatory. We are in the midst of yet another winter storm.

 A weather alert from our city early this morning warned everyone to avoid driving. The rain began last night, and then the precipitation turned to ice and snow. Underneath the pristine snow is a sheet of ice. Not only on the roads, but also on sidewalks.

I do not want to end up on my butt, sore and bruised, walking outside.

And so I stare out my window as the swirling snow produces a beautiful picture of pure whiteness. White roads, sidewalks, lawns, roofs, cars – everything is gently being covered with white stuff.

The landscape is enchanting – from a warm, indoor distance.

Then my eyes wander from the outdoor scene to my indoor surroundings. I like my house, but it is wearisome spending long hours within its walls.

And I am beginning to notice things I usually ignore.

Like dust on tchotchkes scattered around, dust balls strategically located in corners, and minor dents, scuffs, and other marks on walls.

A mound of stuff on the coffee table in front of me slowly but steadily rises, composed of bills, newspapers, TV remotes – there are four, two of which are needed (don’t ask) – coffee cups, two computers, one iPhone, books and magazines, pens, and assorted other buried odds and ends.  I work on the pile, but mysteriously it never shrinks.

I notice tiny bits of food debris on the bottom of the refrigerator, the dust on top of pictures hanging on the walls, and realize the windows need washing. I have a feeling it would look a lot brighter outside if I peered through clean windows.

And then there is the issue of food. The cold weather presents urges hibernating humans (at least this particular one) find difficult to resist. Comfort food beckons. If I do not stop the caloric inflow spring clothes will not fit. It is reaching crisis proportions. Actually, I probably already have bigger proportions, but am too terrified to get on the scale to find out.

Days spent indoors have not all been long and tedious. A list of to-do’s put off indefinitely can now be attended to. Except, to be honest, few get done. I discovered being home does not necessarily mean non-essential tasks are accomplished. Putting off undertakings becomes an art form.

I have read books previously collecting dust for weeks, some for months, patiently awaiting my attention.

I watch daytime TV - news channels, old movies, and MeTV, a station our cable company recently began carrying. It is a gift to baby boomers. The station airs old series – Gilligan’s Island, Dragnet, the original StarTrek series, the original Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza are examples – what a combination of trash and nostalgia! Weeks of viewing and my brain will be mush.

And I am spending far too much time watching Facebook videos.

Enough is enough. I am ready to go outside and stay outside. And I want to stroll briskly past my houseful of dust collections and other imperfections, ignoring them and not feeling guilty.

The hibernation period must end. It is time to spring forward and march (pun intended) on the road to a warmer, sunnier season.

Hopefully very soon.

Meanwhile I have to go out and brush the snow off my car… 
View from my window.


  1. It sounds as though everyone to the even slightly north is ready to have his winter be over.

  2. I wish i could enjoy the winter outside... but for whatever reason, being *cold clear through* despite layers (they do help), discourages me. I'm better off sitting by the fire watching the winter from inside.

  3. At least you escaped the most recent winter last, lucky girl.

  4. Me too -- too much comfort food; too much TV; too much facebook ... too much winter

  5. I'm with you! I see the imperfection around me like they were a pimple on my adolescent face. I have no idea where that statement came from! I think I need to get out more. Great post.

  6. My daughter wrote to say the winter cold has now seeped into her bones in Chicago and she can't seem to get warm. :-(

  7. My street view looks much like yours. Isn't it funny that now when I have a ton of captive time that could be put to better use, I instead long to be able to go outside to escape those dust bunnies.