Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Are You a Short Grown-Up?

Honest, straight-from-the-mouth and straight-from-the-heart questions come out of the mouths of babes. In this case the babe was my three-year-old granddaughter.

I do not know why I am short. The luck of the gene draw, I suppose. Most of my family members are taller than me. OK, to be honest, all of the big people - the grown-ups - are taller than me, except the almost-90-year-olds. They are shorter than me. But at one time both were taller.

Now the only ones in my family shorter than me are the grandkids. And the nine year old is growing fast.

One myth growing up was that smoking stunted your growth. I never smoked, so cannot blame my shortness on smoking.

Disadvantages to being short abound. No one can find me in a crowd. I cannot see over almost anyone sitting in front of me in a theater. If not in the first or second row of a standing crowd I cannot see anything happening in front of me. Clothing designers assume all women are tall.

I am not that short - five foot two inches tall when I stretch. But there are too many places in the average house I cannot reach - like anything on high kitchen or closet shelves. Items placed on my top shelves are those rarely, if ever, needed. And when wanted, hub takes them down for me. Otherwise they would languish in the upper reaches forever.

The top shelf of my closet holds forgotten clothing I might want to wear sometime. The problem is I forget what is up there, cannot reach or see them. They are dust collectors. Should I actually want to wear a particular item it probably will not fit, will be out of style, or I will greet the item with, "what was I thinking when I bought that?"

I should clean my closet and get rid of those top shelf items. I have a friend who throws out anything not worn in a year. I do not have the heart to throw out so many loved but rarely worn items. What if I actually have a fancy affair? One of those wonderful dresses would be perfect...or those winter clothes rarely worn but needed in cold weather. This winter some cold weather items actually got worn several times.

I am getting way off point.

I am forever five two.

Except when I begin shrinking.

It is going to happen. All the exercise and vitamins in the world will not prevent me from becoming the incredible shrinking woman.

By then my great grandkids will be taller than me.

Maybe they will be strong enough to lift me above the crowd so I can see what is happening in the world around me...


  1. I am 5'5", but I truly think of myself as being a tall person. My 5'9" to 6' friends laugh at me.

  2. In college, my three best friends were all about 5"1". I'm 5'6".
    When we walked across campus to the dining hall I always felt like a mother duck with her ducklings and/or big and awkward.

  3. I was 5'3" for most of my life, and now I'm 5'2" as well. I use footstools to get things off the top shelves at home, or like you I use my taller hubby if necessary. I kind of like being short. :-)

  4. I was 5'4" for most of my life... then 5'3" . Then after Yoga... 5'4" again. Really!! I had the nurse check twice. My Yoga instructor says it's all that stretching. Anyway, I was thrilled. However, all my kids are taller... and older grandkids are almost there.

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