Monday, March 31, 2014

The Neighborhood Health Clinic and Nail Salon

A woman recently gave birth in a nail salon. You may have read the article or seen her picture, along with her husband and now two kids, on Facebook. The birth morphed into a major media event, an upbeat happening appealing to readers and viewers, an occasion the 24/7 news industry endlessly talked about.

Actually, it is not a bad idea. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like the concept. Why traipse to an antiseptic hospital for a natural event like childbirth?

Why not go to a place with a pleasant environment, a place where women enjoy chatting, drinking tea, coffee and other favorite beverages while getting a manicure and/or pedicure?

A woman should be relaxed when giving birth, but that is not easily accomplished. A few soothing words from her on-site birth counselor and the other women in the salon can go a long way in easing a woman’s anxiety.

Of course women can give birth at home, but let’s think about the implications.

Who should be invited?

Who is going to keep the house in order during the wait?

Who is going to clean up the mess afterwards?

Who is going to cook and feed the expectant entourage?

Women are already at the nail salon. It would be difficult to have a group of women on call at home, 24/7, until the auspicious time arrives.

It is much more fun, feminine, and practical to give birth in a pleasing environment surrounded by women who have already given birth, will soon give birth, who talk about childbirth experiences, or simply like the idea of other people giving birth.

And a woman-centered place like a nail salon fits the description.

After the birth, Mom can return for a post-natal checkup and Mommy Makeover.

But let’s not stop there.

Why not offer other women-specific procedures like mammograms at the salon? Women can encourage each other, laugh with each other, and commiserate with each other about the sometimes painful, definitely unfunny experience.

And what about pap smears and other GYN procedures? A doctor at one end, manicurist at the other, should somewhat mitigate the negativity of the medical activity.

Perhaps procedures should not be limited to women-only ones.

It is difficult in our fast-paced, busy lives finding time to get everything done. Combining activities helps. No reason to keep putting off that doctor’s visit when medical personnel can quickly, courteously and competently complete whatever medical procedure is needed at your favorite nail salon.

Everyone would benefit – the medical profession, the nail salon, and customers.

Discounts can be offered for a manicure/mammogram combo.

Or a pedicure and periodontal checkup. The specialists should be far enough away from each other to complete their tasks without getting in each other’s way.

The possibilities are endless.

How about an eyebrow wax and EKG?

Or botox and a manicure or pedicure – or both?

And why not let men in on the idea? I am sure barber shops are looking for ways to drum up additional business. What about a shave and a prostate exam? A haircut and heart checkup?

I am going to suggest my idea to my manicurist tomorrow. She is always interested in new business and ways of generating new business.

Maybe I could get a commission.

OK, forget the commission.

I will settle for a free manicure and pedicure. 


  1. This is a great post. However, I have one caveat. What if your hair stylist is male? My guy owns his own shop. He'd call 911 for help, and you know what that means. No more do_it-yourself births.

  2. Well, you may have stumbled onto something here, Meryl. I like the idea of livening up the nail salon. I didn't see this article about giving birth there. I must be missing the important news of the day. Thanks for helping me out here. :-)

  3. Breakthrough idea! What better way to pass those long boring hours? Mom will finish up with not just a new baby, but haircut with highlights as well. And as for other services, what could be more efficient than combining a pap smear and a pedicure?