Friday, February 7, 2014

Microwave Resurrected

Our microwave convection oven died over a month ago. I wrote about its demise here.

But I was too hasty declaring the appliance’s passing, for it has been resurrected and is once more happily humming. What a nice sound!

The saga of our microwave began the week between Christmas and New Year’s. While cooking dinner one evening the machine sparked and went dark. Hub checked the fuse box and wires. Everything was in order.

The next step was to call Repair Guy. Try getting a repairperson over the holidays – they disappear. If it was an emergency – like the heater died and my kids were growing ice mustaches – maybe we could have gotten assistance. But not with our microwave. No emergency.

The earliest a visit could be scheduled was the week after New Year’s. But we were going out of town. We postponed the appointment until our return.

Last Monday two repair guys arrived to inspect the damage. When not home I did not miss the machine, but home again I wanted the clock, the light over the oven, the quick cooking, the defrosting capability.

We purchased our first microwave convection oven soon after moving into our home almost four years ago. The machine lasted 18 months and died, apparently a victim of a power surge. We bought a new one.

Fast-forward another 18 months and our second microwave dies. No power surge this time. It simply stopped functioning.

The repairmen spent only a few minutes diagnosing the problem. The microwave could be fixed, but needed a new control panel and three thermostats.

How much?

The office would call us in the morning with the bad news. I mean, the cost.

Meanwhile repair guy gave us some valuable advice. He said the machine should not have crashed. Call the manufacturer and demand action. They should replace the parts, which were not cheap.

Hub insisted I call. He was too angry.

The manufacturer must receive a lot of calls about microwave problems because their customer service department was way too nice.  Repair guy said when told the company could do nothing to ask for the supervisor and work my way up the chain of command until I got satisfaction.

None of that was necessary.

The customer service representative said new parts would be sent overnight. No charge.

We would still have to pay for the labor to fix the machine.

The parts arrived and two repairmen returned to our home one week after the diagnostic visit.

And they fixed our microwave.

It looks like new. And best of all – it works!

Now I glance at the black and stainless steel machine and the digital clock tells the time. I can set the timer. I turn on the light and see my stovetop. I grab something out of the freezer, defrost and heat it, and eat within a short time.

Life in the electronic age is good again!

I hope the machine lasts a lot longer than 18 months. Repairs cost over $200. Hopefully we made the right decision to fix the device rather than buy a new one. If we paid for parts and labor the total cost would have been over $500. We would have purchased a new one.

One thing has changed. We will no longer buy any appliances from the manufacturer of our microwave. This particular company’s repair parts are expensive – apparently, according to repair guy, about the most expensive in the industry.

The saga of our microwave ends with a resurrected machine, a thinner pocketbook, contented repair guys (we tip well), and no more electronic or appliance repair hassles.

Until next time…


  1. Glad it's fixed. There was a time not too long ago when we didn't have the microwave, but I use mine daily! I would be getting a new one if it broke. Our Sharp has worked fine for over five years now. :-)

  2. Well, I wish you'd mentioned the brand name so we know what to avoid -- it's not a Samsung, is it? we just bought a new one! -- but anyway, at least you can eat again!

  3. I hate these kinds of experiences. Dianne

  4. You are a patient woman. I would have tossed the broken one and gone to Costco.

  5. Our GE Profile has been working fine for the past 4 years, thank goodness! I never know with Hawaii.