Monday, December 23, 2013

The Start of Our New England Winter Holiday

It all began last Monday following a flight home from Florida epitomized by tight seats, no legroom, a full plane, no free food or drink, and a period of air turbulence. Although flying time was slightly over two hours, time spent belted into seats lasted over three hours, counting loading time, waiting to push back from the gate, and waiting on the arrival end to deplane.

But we were home safe.

Our next trip was supposed to begin the following morning, driving to Boston where hub was scheduled to work for the rest of the week, and then moving on to Vermont, spending a few days with our son and his family.

Plans changed after listening to dire weather reports describing a fierce snowstorm scheduled to batter New England sometime Tuesday. Fearful of being stuck in a snowstorm, we decided to leave as soon as possible. Arriving home at 2:00 p.m., unpacking and repacking for winter weather, we were in the car heading north by 3:30.

We stopped for the night outside Hartford, Connecticut.

The following morning we awoke early and turned on the TV, listening to the latest news and Morning Joe banter.

The weather report came on. The forecaster declared, “The winter storm pounding the Northeast will be the worst between Hartford, Connecticut and Boston along the Massachusetts Turnpike.”

Holy sh*t (went through my mind. I would never say those words aloud.)

That was our route – exactly.

I almost-hysterically announced we were leaving immediately. Forget the free motel breakfast of cardboard waffles, cheap English muffins and bagels, and powdered eggs. We were going to beat the storm.

We threw our bags in the car, left the motel by seven, and a couple of hours later approached the outskirts of Boston. Brought to a standstill by rush hour traffic, we took the nearest exit and finally got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

We reached our Boston hotel without incident and – most important – before the snow. The city received six inches of new white stuff throughout the afternoon and evening. It was a beautiful sight – from the warmth and safety of cozy interiors, and outdoors as we cautiously walked city streets.

Our New England winter journey was under way.


  1. I love snow. Sounds like a fun trip so far.

  2. Thanks for sharing --- It triggers memories of the past ---

  3. Glad you made it safe and sound. Keep it up, and keep me posted here, so I won't worry. :-)

  4. Isn't traveling fun? Glad you made it to Boston safe and sound. Best of luck for the rest of your journey.

  5. You've made me appreciate the gray drizzle outside my window. Thanks for visiting Catbird Scout. I see we have wonderful friends in common. Safe travels.

  6. I am just as happy to not be where it is very cold. Have a great holiday. Dianne

  7. Welcome to my neck of the woods! Happy to have you here in the Bay State. That same day I was white-knuckled in my car driving from Amherst to my small town 45 minutes away.
    I'm glad you were able to beat the storm.

  8. So glad you beat the snow storms. Stay safe, and keep your feet dry. Merry Christmas to you!!