Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Color Me Cheap

Here is a news flash most women have not been waiting for and do not care about. The fashion powers that be have announced the 'In' Color for 2014 -

- Radiant Orchid.

Or in simple English for the un-fashionistas among us - purple. To be more precise, a shade of purple.

I know you are all as unexcited as I am.

After all, purple has a long, noble history.

The Caesars - Augustus and Julius - declared purple the royal color. Nero actually passed a law declaring anyone besides the royals wearing purple would be put to death. Pretty drastic measures for showing your individuality.

Purple is the preferred color of older girls, once they graduate from pink.

The Byzantine Emperor signed edicts in purple...Catholic priests sometimes wear purple vestments...the color signifies wealth and position in Japan...

Purple's fall from grace occurred around the turn of this century when Rev. Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority decided one particular purple Teletubbie (a character from a kids' TV show) was gay. Purple was also the color of Gay Pride, and therefore purple was suddenly excommunicated from the color charts, although Crayola boxes remained non-discriminatory.

I am not sure what Falwell thought of one of my grandkids' favorite books, 'Harold and the Purple Crayon'.

In more recent times purple states do not swing red or blue, but decidedly undecided. My blue state has a red governor. Color us confused.

Back to fashion. The Colorado Rockies are the only baseball team donning purple team colors - purple, black, and silver. Minnesota Vikings wear purple, white, and gold. Baltimore Ravens colors are black purple, white, and gold.( For the sports uninformed, the Vikings and Ravens are football teams.)

As for the rest of us, I am the proud owner of a purple blazer. I have owned it for a number of years. Once more ahead of the color curve! Color me trendy!

I do not know how many people will run out to buy the latest purple piece of clothing, a purple pocketbook, or radiant orchid lipstick. I can wait for the clothing and accessories to go on sale next year, after 2015's color is announced. Right now I am off to find the sales on 2013's color of the year - emerald green.

Color me cheap.

On second thought the last place I am going in December is the mall.

I do not like emerald green anyway.  


  1. I didn't see any purple in your Santa Claus parade, so I guess you're going to be okay after all!

  2. Radient orchid indeed. Even at the height of fashion madness, I would not wear this color except as an accent piece. I love amethyst, but the deep purple is the best (and most expensive).

    I just gave my 25-year old blonde granddaughter purple and lavender skeins of yarn. She's making a hat. But she's an artist and a free spirit as her sisters say. I kept the grape colored yarn for an afghan I'm making, which will look like a Crayola box.

    We have a Red state and a Blue governor. Alas, I like your governor much better. Dianne.

  3. Purple looks stunning on us grey haired ol' ladies. I feel a retail therapy session coming on!!! Two of my grands will be rockin' in 2014, as purple is their favorite color!!!

  4. I'm afraid that I've never cared for purple (or red) which makes me an unlikely candidate for the elder lady's clubs. It always reminded me of Mardi Gras, religious vestments, or royalty.

    However, I do have to claim the purple & gold uniforms for our LSU tigers...
    and if I remember correctly, my mom decorated my room in purple and pink in the early 60's.