Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Vermont Holiday Visit

Some women and their daughters-in-law (DsIL) go out to lunch, enjoy manicures and pedicures together, and go shopping. Enjoyable, non-aerobic, laid-back activities.

My DsIL take me to zumba and weight training classes. And expect me to hike and snowshoe uphill.
Me and my snowshoes. Is this considered a selfie?
I thought snowshoeing was supposed to be a pleasant, leisurely walk in the woods. The scenery was beautiful, but this 60-something’s definition of leisurely is apparently quite different from my 30-something son and DIL’s meaning.

What is the message here?

I am thinking…Work out so you can have all the energy needed to watch our kids. Stay in shape so you can babysit and keep up with the kids. Don’t get lazy before the kids grow up.

Maybe I should have had babies earlier so the grands would arrive when I was younger, more vigorous, and before the senior label could be plastered over my photo. It is too late now…

December travels found hub and I wandering from Florida to Boston and then Vermont for the holidays. We arrived in Vermont in time for the worst ice storm since 1998.
A walk around the neighborhood following the ice storm. Note the ice on the trees.
What luck!

And frigid temperatures. Christmas Day the high was 16 with a low of 0. It was not much better the other days we sojourned in the state. We drove home the day after Christmas when the temperature warmed up to 28, but it snowed for the first three slow-driving hours of our trip.

Did I mention the snow-covered Vermont landscape is spectacular?
Snowshoeing Mt. Philo. Hub asked, "Why do you get everyone's butts in the pictures?"
Answer: "Because I am always in the back of the group." Walking slowly leisurely.

Especially from indoors. 

One of our indoor activities was candy-making. The attempt at producing yummy-tasting maple sugar candy was, shall we say, unsuccessful.

The mixture is carefully stirred until reaching 290 degrees F, removed from the heat and cooled to 175 degrees. Hint: if the concoction begins to smoke, filling the house with smoke and requiring doors to be open, inviting in the bitter cold - the candy is burnt. Start over.

 Stir the mixture until it turns a light brown/caramel color, then quickly pour into molds. If not done promptly, the mixture hardens before the molds are completely filled, which is what happened above.
The results of our candy-making efforts.

I love Vermont in winter. From a distance. About 400 miles south in my warm home in a (usually) more moderate climate. 

The visit was a great time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and the indoors, and of course, the family. Until next visit in hopefully slightly warmer weather. 
The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening 
- Robert Frost


  1. You joke but you had no problem keeping up! Even the weight lifting instructor complimented your form! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Aha! The truth comes out. Nice reminder for me.

  3. Yes, that first one qualifies as a selfie. I love the pretty Vermont woods, but boy that's COLD! Apparently you did just fine, your secret is out. We have a few snowshoe trips every winter because we miss getting into the High Country. :-)

  4. Sounds like a fun holiday. Now its time to come home and rest.