Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Onset of the Most Dangerous Season of the Year

 The Danger Zone nears. There is no avoiding it.

For my stomach.

And the rest of my body.

Not an astrological, cosmological season. A man-made time of year.

I am talking about the season encompassing pre-Thanksgiving prep days through New Year’s.

Will my body survive? Can I escape gaining weight?

I check off each day on the calendar, one by one, my emotions mixed with fear and trepidation. I watch time advance with caution and an appetite. With yearnings for foods rarely eaten but secretly desired.
Fruitcake is not one of my yearnings!
The signs are everywhere and inescapable, unless one lives in a geographically isolated, TV-less, internet-neglected, U.S. postal service-bypassed pocket in a no-man’s land.

We are bombarded by TV Commercials. Store displays. Holiday decorations. An onslaught of catalogs and fliers via email and snail mail. Newspaper ads tempting us - encouraging us – urging us to get out (or at least onto our computers) and buy, buy, buy. Black Friday looms  - followed by Cyber Monday.

And now there is Brown Thursday. I will absolutely, definitely, under no circumstances enter a store on Thanksgiving. Nobody should. No one needs to buy stuff at Sears or Target or any other retailer on this one particular day of the year. The commercialism and worker exploitation is going too far, but enough - I will get off my soapbox and move on...

Ads encourage us to purchase not just gifts, but food. Lots of it. We find enticing recipes in newspapers, magazines, and online.

For those not inclined to cook, prepared foods are readily available at grocery stores, the farmers market, and online. Restaurants advertise holiday take-out meals for one hungry individual or a multi-person banquet.

So let the feasting begin! 

May those with strong willpower prevail.

Meanwhile the rest of us weak-willed souls move on to the gym hauling a few extra pounds, head bowed in defeat, on January 2.

I wonder if there is some mathematical formula that can calculate the ratio of the inflation of our waistlines to the deflation of our bank accounts.

I do not think I want to know.

Happy holiday season to all, and to all joyful eating! 
NOT my family's holiday table!


  1. And I'm in charge of desserts! You know that I have to "taste test" everything so I'll be eating sweet junk for days.....

  2. I'm not shopping on Thursday or Friday. I'm staying home and enjoying my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren. Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love.

  3. You write such a great post. Brown Thursday indeed. i suppose you are referring to the belly fat I can't seem to shift.

    A gym less day tomorrow, I just hope it is sunny, so I can walk the dogs.
    Take care and see you after the feast. Dianne

  4. I am so with you in regards to Brown Thursday. Awful trend, and you know it will continue until all those poor employees are unable to be with their family. It was already getting bad, with midnight openings causing employees to go to bed in the early afternoon. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with lots of goodies! January is soon enough to worry about it. :-)