Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Emus Do Paris

The Paris of tourism, monuments, museums, caf├ęs, and small storefronts is a very walkable city. Which is what we are doing a lot of - putting miles on our shoes.

Eying my closet floor before leaving, I was unsure which shoes to bring. After much thought my Emus- a boot competitor of Uggs- stared at me as if screaming, "take me! Take me to Paree!". And so I did. I also threw in my black walking Sketchers.

My Emus keep my feet warm, dry, with plenty of expansion room as my feet slowly swell over the miles.

My feet are fine so far - my thighs not so much.

But enough of minor aches and pains. I am in PARIS!

The weather so far is warmer than usual for this time of year, perfect for being outside, strolling, sightseeing and ogling everything around us.

Four women boomers doing Paree is a sight to see...

Oohing and aching over the architecture, the artfully designed store windows, the merchandise. Beautiful Halloween chocolates in one store, cheeses in another, cashmere wearable pieces with sky high prices in yet another, art everywhere. Even the cute little cars, some smaller than smart cars, get our special attention.

We meandered through museums and viewed paintings only seen in books before. We drove (we did not actually drive, but a maniacal French driver wove through city streets, highways and narrow country roads determined to get us all carsick) to Givency. We walked through Claude Monet's gardens and stood before his Impressionist paintings of flowers, Lilly pads and a Japanese bridge.

We walked along the Seine River, watching the fast-rushing river, the tourist boats and numerous private boats, passing row after row of outdoor vendors selling posters, postcards, books and magazines - mostly used, and cheap souvenirs.

We listened to a jazz band playing on a bridge as we crossed the river and sat at a cafe, outdoor table, drinking not very good wine,  eating delicious cheese and bread, and watching Locals and tourists pass by.

Yesterday Impressionist art. Today the Louvre and older masterpieces.

Will post pictures next time. I am taking lots hoping a few turn out great.

 Au revoir!


  1. Clever catchy title. I am avidly following your Paris adventures. When in Paris, I so enjoyed those day trips to nearby locales, but always took trains if I could. crazy drivers make me nervous. Dianne

  2. Wow, you are actually there!!! It all sounds delightful and what we all expect Paris to be, minus the maniacal driver. Can't wait to see the pictures. Keep enjoying.

  3. Okay...jealous!
    My sister-in-law missed a plane connection on the way home from their trip to Italy a couple of weeks ago and had to spend a night in Paris. She actually said they were a bit upset until the realized...oh, wait, we're in Paris!