Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Dream List of Desired Talents

We all have special gifts and talents. In my sixties I am still unsure exactly what my unique ones are, but I am working hard at finding out. It is a lot easier to figure out what gifts I do not possess.

This line of thought began while visiting the new homes of friends who just moved. The enthusiastic homeowners are working hard on achieving Architectural Digest perfection. I marvel at the creativity, insight, oversight, and their pocketbooks while watching the transformation.

I have no decorating talent; on a scale from one to ten I would probably rate a minus three. I do not care whether everything coordinates, and although I love add-ons such as built-in bookcases and closet contraptions, I rarely think about actually installing them in my house, or more realistically contracting others to do the work.

Anyway, there are a lot of skills and wondrous gifts many possess, but not I. Some are not missed, but I would enjoy a few.

So here are talents I lack, but would be nice to have.

Any kind of artistic aptitude. I cannot draw, paint, sculpt, or do any kinds of crafts. Recently a friend tried to teach me to knit, but finally gave up. I have two left hands, uncoordinated fingers, minimal patience, and my eyes began to cross as I attempted to stitch.

Singing talent, or at least the ability to carry a tune. I am tone deaf and, although enjoy belting out my favorite oldies, sound absolutely horrible. I cannot tell the difference, but those around me suffer. I must control myself and limit my singing to soundproofed rooms or the great outdoors where no one roams, such as the middle of the desert. But I hate the heat and too much sun is not good for anyone. So I confine my singing to those soundproofed rooms and when alone in my car.

Minimal mechanical skill. I am mechanically challenged, the benchmark for zero on a scale of one to ten for mechanical aptitude.

Athletic prowess of any kind. I do not have a body built for running; big boobs and short legs do not equate with racing speed. Any sport where hand/eye coordination is necessary, such as tennis, volleyball, baseball or even croquet, makes me the laughing stock of the playing field. I like swimming, but conditions, indoors or out, must be perfect – the air and water not too cold and not too hot.

And so I sit at my kitchen counter/desk, thoughts returning to my decorating ineptitude, observing my house. It is a cute little place we moved into 3 ½ years ago. I bought curtains for the guest room, but they sit on the dresser waiting to be installed. The bottom of my closet is a mountain of shoes, clothes that fell off hangars, and miscellaneous items tossed in because I was in a hurry or did not know what else to do with them.

There are still boxes in the garage to unpack. I do not have enough places for the stuff already in the house. Somehow I manage to go on day by day without whatever remains packed away. And although looking around you would not know it, I am not a fan of clutter.

Friends and family living in beautifully appointed homes could give me a few tips, I am sure.

And maybe eventually, one day, I will ask them for ideas.

Did I mention one of my unhelpful gifts talents traits is procrastination?


  1. Just be thankful for the talent you do have--writing.

  2. I laughed at your lack of ability to run because of big boobs, which reminded me when I was a runner I had to wear two bras in order to keep the bounce to a minimum. And even then, it still hurt! :-)

  3. Hmmm. You underestimate your decorating talent. As an eye witness, I can attest to the fact that your previous house was lovely. And you dance! I count that as athletic prowess. So there's just a wee shadow of a doubt here about the other stuff. But that's okay. I have no doubt that this is a fun post!

  4. I have some athletic talent (not much); don't care about mechanical skills; but I sure would like a better ear -- to sing and play music and speak another language. Oh well, hopefully by the time we get to our age, we can accept our limitations and focus on the talents we do have.

  5. I wish I could draw or paint. Even thinking about it makes me want to curl up into the fetal position.

    I wish I could look at an empty room and see it fully decorated. I can't see it until it's fully decorated. I have no eye for imagination. Though I do know, once stuff is in a room and on the walls, whether I like it or not.

    My mother always said my sister was the artist.