Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holiday Season Arrives with the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

One of the most eagerly awaited winter holiday yearly events is the publication of the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, more for its Wow! power (for most of us) than perused for serious purchases. 

And that very special time of year has arrived – the 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is available. Online, of course – I am not on the retailer’s mailing list.

I awoke this morning to the second day of rainy, cold, windy and just plain dreary weather. I perked up when realizing it was the perfect day to sit back in a comfortable chair, wrap a blanket around me (for the first time in months as summer disappears), relax, and take a good look at the new catalog.

The red cover beckons me to turn the pages, one after another, and see what fabulous gifts await others under their menorah or Christmas tree this year.

Opening the first page a tag line begins, “The tradition of giving all you got is alive and well.”

I do not know about Neiman Marcus customers, but if I gave all I have there would not be much left for mundane stuff like bills or food. But maybe I am too practical. Or literal.

Gifts range from the unbelievably expensive – well over one million dollars – to sort of affordable, although personally I would never spend $175 for monogrammed pajamas.

Items that caught my eye include women’s clutches ranging in price from a meager $2,945 to $4,030. One cute little black bag adorned with pearls on the handle struck my fancy, but does not fit my lifestyle or current pocketbook.

There is not a lot offered for double-digit dollar amounts, but options exist. For instance monogrammed mugs are available for only $12 and a set of four monogrammed coasters are $34.

I liked a Melissa Masse red dress (whoever she is – I imagine the designer and not the previous owner, as I doubt Neiman Marcus sells second-hand anything) for $295. The model looks like she is at least six feet tall. Being almost a foot shorter, the price seems a lot when I will not be receiving close to the amount of fabric the taller woman receives.

The real magic and take-your-breath-away of the catalog are the Fantasy Gifts, each year different and fanciful.

There is a two-page spread of a Global Falconry Companion for $150,000. Staring at the picture I could not figure out what the gift was all about, but then I know nothing about falconry. Reading the information, I discovered the buyer receives a falcon – a real bird of prey, not stuffed or a picture -  and an entire camp set-up for hunters and those along for the occasion. The camp gear has nothing to do with roughing it, but entertaining up-scale, pampered friends in the great outdoors without actually having to give up everyday pampering and luxuries, such as crystal goblets and cigars. Also included is designer furniture, a 20-carat gold-plated perch for the falcon, and a few other items.

Enough about falconry.

How about a ciclotte for $11,000? Now here I admit my ignorance. I had to look the word up. A ciclotte is an expensive exercise bike, or what the book terms a lean machine.

Then there are a few diamond baubles, the Forevermark Ultimate Diamond Experience, for $1,850,000. No typo there.

The men on your gift list will worship their new over-the-top motorcycle; prices range from $80,000 to $750,000.

A less expensive gift for the man (or men) in your life is a pair of 14-karat-gold NM Star War – Darth Vader ($4,200) or Yoda ($4,000) - cufflinks.

Art collectors will appreciate a Jeff Koons’ limited edition Venus Rising sculpture for $20,000. I did not particularly care for it, but an art critic/aficionado I am not.

A newsworthy event every year is the His and Hers gift. This year the His and Hers gift consists of the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System, ranging in price from $1,500,000 to $2,640,000. I have no room in my cubby-hole-sized back yard for an outdoor entertainment system, so did not bother reading the details. If interested, check out the catalog online.

I loved a Michael Kors black gown for $1,195, but unfortunately have nowhere to wear it. The Sofia cashmere black cape for $1,995 would get some wear, but last winter was not that cold around here.

The catalog contains men and women’s clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, food and home d├ęcor items.

176 pages of Neiman Marcus pleasures.

If you are not a clearance rack shopper like me, you might find interesting gifts for your loved ones.   

Or you may simply enjoy spending a cold, yucky day or evening doing the online equivalent of window-shopping, warm and comfy in your own home.

So waste some time – do not feel the least bit guilty - and partake of this annual ritual.
Full disclosure: Not me shopping, but could be...

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  1. I never had any interest in diamonds until I read that they shoot up from the bowels of the earth through pipes. Classy. Supposedly they know there is a diamond pipe somewhere between Indiana and Toronto but they don't know just where. What if you were sitting on one when it went off? N-M would be interested in that.