Sunday, October 13, 2013

Greetings From My New iPad

Mac, iPhone, iPad. I am becoming quite the techie. I love my Mac, and the iPhone has almost become a new appendage, an extension of my body.  
Now I have a new electronic thingamajig.
So why do I need a new gadget, you might ask? A very good question.

I must admit I do not need a new electronic anything, But am slowly being sucked into an alien world of electronic stuff I barely understand. It is almost addictive. Maybe it is addictive. But at least it is not fattening.

Unless it keeps a person from moving more than a few fingers and exercising.

OK, so why did I purchase this new toy?

I will be traveling soon and do not want to take my laptop. Taking Mac works when traveling by car or staying in one place.  But on a trip where I will be on the move it becomes a drag on my desire to travel light.

So hub and I spent over two hours Saturday morning at our local Apple store, a people magnet on a rainy, dreary day.

Three guys in blue Apple Shirts assisted us. (I am not being insensitive; all three were men. There are women Apple employees, but they are a minority). The guys were knowledgeable and helpful, answering questions with a remarkable amount of patience, ignoring the fact that many of my questions Highlighted my techno-ignorance and were, In a word, dumb.

And so many decisions to make. Size of iPad, color, amount of storage needed, WiFi and cellular or WiFi only, protective jacket (Do I need one? What kind? Style? Color?)

 It was exhausting.

Around lunchtime we walked out of the store with a brand new Gadget.

Now I am practicing touch typing on the screen and Learning Pages, the Apple word processing program. I have been using Word on my Mac (does that make me a traitor?).

I will practice taking pictures with my new toy.

I will attempt to get my email and surf the net.

What did we do before spending endless hours with gadgets on our lap?

Maybe we did things like clean the house, cook, go to work, spend time outdoors - which I would love to do if the weather cooperated - do the laundry...

Which is waiting for me now. Take out the dry, shift wet into dryer, throw In a new load...

Maybe even spend time talking to real people face to face.

A novelty.

I will have to try it.

Just not now...


  1. I generally resist the impulse for more electronic things in my my head. In real time, I spend a distressing amount of time on the computer. I don't have a smart phone and I actually annoy friends and family by not turning on my phone or leaving it at home. I don't have a tablet but I definitely see the appeal, especially for travel. I don't have any kind of reader, but I can see the appeal. What I do love and depend on is GPS. I would be in northern Canada now without it (instead of FL).

  2. I can barely type anything at all on the touch screen on my iPad and am sitting in my hotel room typing on my MacBook Air, which I love immodestly. Really love to surf the net and read emails on my iPad, but composing means I need a "real" keyboard. :-)

  3. My brother is an RV'er and finds the iPad a real help not only for keeping in touch but also for finding stuff they need. Hope you have a grand time with yours.
    I still have a phone that makes voice calls only and a lap top. Sigh.

  4. I have a new Macbook Air and an iPhone. Don't think I will get the iPad, however. Dianne