Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Few French Connections

I am having great trouble posting pictures, most likely because of my lack of expertise. But I managed to get some pictures posted. The one above represents our first day in Paris. We flew overnight, arrived early in Paris eArly in the morning, got to our hotel and our rooms were not ready. Headed to the nearest cafe for large cups of cafe Au lait and dejeuner (breakfast). 

(Some spelling may be wrong as blogger has a bad habit of self-correcting what it thinks is wrong. I may not catch all errors.)
Halloween chocolates displayed at a chocolatier.
A favorite stop to salivate and ooh and aah - a bakery.

One of our new friends. We walked by not noticing the statue - until he started moving!

Our group taking pictures along with Thibault, our cute guide in Provence.
The four travelers in front of the Louvre. Tuilleries Gardens behind us.
Lots more to come...
Not paying additional fee for upgraded internet service, so speed is very slow And frustration builds. After a long day sightseeing and eAting, my patience weArs thin.
Until next time, Au revoir from Provence in the south of France.


  1. Love that performance art statue. So real looking.
    I am wondering if you are there now or all ready back. Hope you missed the bad weather.

  2. Wow! I love that "statue." And I remember the French coffee as being the best I ever had. Is it still the same? :-)