Monday, September 16, 2013

The Chico's Mystique

This afternoon I participated in an interesting, engaging exercise I practice two or three or four times a year.

I went Chico’s shopping.

For the uninitiated, Chico’s is a women’s clothing chain working hard to attract and keep customers. Their demographics: mature women.

I discovered the chain several years ago when shopping for work outfits. I wanted comfortable, moderately priced, long-lasting mix and match pieces.

Chico’s and I became a match made by brilliant marketers.

I do not like all their clothing – too many large, gaudy prints for my taste. And prices have crept up over the years. But there is enough selection and decent sales that I can usually find something for a reasonable price.

So why do I like their clothing?

Elastic waistbands are one reason. I know there are pretentious designers that believe if one desires, wears and needs elastic waistbands, the woman has been lost forever and given herself unto the gods of gluttony, apathy and laziness, unconcerned about looking like her daughters (or sons’ girlfriends if, like me, her offspring are male), indifferent to the latest fashions, fads and foolishness, and unenthusiastic about spending wads of money on constantly changing styles.

And I say yeah!

Comfort triumphs.

The company’s stylists design for women’s figures. Clothes fit. I wandered through Chico’s and tried on a couple of pairs of jeans and tops. Shopping for jeans that fit well and look good is an amazingly difficult task.

Not to belabor the point and make this post longer than the time I spent in the store, I found a suitable pair of jeans that look good, or as good as any pair of jeans will ever look on my mature body.

I love Chico’s sizing, ranging from 000 to 4.5, equivalent to XXS to XL. These are women’s sizes, so XL is really extra large - not the extra large sizes of many athletic/active apparel designed for young, fit, tight bods that fit very snug (if at all) on mature women’s bodies …

And the size of my new pair of jeans? 0.5.


According to the Chico’s size chart 0 and 0.5 is XS, equivalent to a 4 to 6.

I never wore a size 6. And I never will.

But this is not your daughter’s size 6.

Who cares!?

So here I am, with jeans sporting a 0.5 size.

But, in a reality check, my Chico tops are usually size 2 and never smaller. Viva la bosom!


  1. You make me want to do a little retail therapy. That feeling will go away quickly. All I have to do is contemplate a trip downtown and having to find a parking space.

  2. You might fall into the category of enabler with this post. I feel a curious desire to shop coming over me.

  3. As a man I don't know anything about Chico's. However, I DO know all about -- and heartily approve of -- elastic waist bands and the "relaxed" fit

  4. That's so funny! I never heard of Chico's, but now I'll see if I can find one so I can see what size I wear! :-)