Thursday, September 19, 2013

Miss America 2014 Struts Her Way into the Headlines

 I do not have a written, numbered bucket list. Maybe I should. I could methodically complete each item and cross it off. But I have never been very organized and doubt trying now would work. I go with the limitations imposed upon me at this stage in life.

Not having a bucket list means a lot of things I might want to do will probably never be accomplished. On the other hand many items not initially on my list become happening events, added and immediately checked off.

One item not on my bucket list experienced recently can now be added and checked off.

Hub and I attended a three-hour preliminary Miss America pageant.

Why, you might ask?

I have no idea. The event was local and I guess curiosity overcame us.

We did not observe the Sunday evening live spectacle presented on national TV. Tickets for that event were too expensive for our pocketbook.

I doubt most people have any idea who the new Miss America is, who the previous one was, or where the contest is held. Las Vegas hosted the pageant over the past seven years. Atlantic City was Miss America’s home before that, and this year the spectacle returned to Atlantic City.  

My guess is the only reason people know about the contest this year is because of the controversy surrounding the choice of Miss America 2014. Nina Davuluri is the daughter of Indian immigrants. A beautiful, talented and well-spoken young woman, the fact that she does not fit some people’s girl-next-door image outrages many narrow-minded citizens.

I do not know where these bigots people live. My street and neighborhood is a microcosm of America today. Residents arrived from around the world – all over Asia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Their kids, born in the USA, attend our schools and play on local sports teams. But I digress…

The local press made a big deal of the Miss America contest for weeks before the arrival of the 53 contestants and their entourages. Atlantic City was hoping for a big economic boost from the event.

I am sure the country beyond local county borders ignored the proceedings.

Contestants are divided into three groups for the three preliminary evening events. The show was hokey, but fun nonetheless.
Miss America contestants onstage in Boardwalk Hall.
Each night one group performs talent, one group is interviewed, and the third set parades onstage in bikinis and evening gowns.

On-stage interviews involved one question about the contestant’s platform. The answers were obviously well rehearsed and basically meaningless.

The talent varied from acceptable to abysmal. Most contestants sang, although a number of them really should not have raised their voices. I enjoyed the dancers. These contestants usually had taken lessons since childhood and were at least proficient, if not necessarily gifted performers.

Watching the women sashay onstage in Catalina swimsuits was the most fun. They seemed comfortable strutting their bikini bodies before a crowd, primed with lots of makeup and special modeling secrets, such as unique glue so bikinis stay in place. The judges are supposed to rate the women on lifestyle and fitness. Sure…

Almost all of the women are tall and very slim, with long straight hair. Most do not appear to have thighs, just more straight, skinny leg above the knees.

I guess a lot of 20 to 24-year-olds look that way nowadays, but I know I never did.

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