Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grandsitting Again

Grandsitting again!

Hub and I are in Vermont, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have not seen every place on earth, or most places, but this state is magnificent. There are a lot of other spectacular locations, and someday I hope to see many of them.

Meanwhile I am happy with Vermont.

We are not on a sightseeing vacation, however. We are on a mission - grandsitting our two-year-old granddaughter. Mom is out of town. Dad is around but working, so Grandma and Grandpa pitch in.

The first three days sped by. A few hours at daycare and playtime, quickly moving from one toy to another, filled the hours. Two-year-olds have miniscule attention spans.

The weather has been gorgeous - cool at night and warm, as high as 80 degrees during the day - so playtime in the backyard and around the neighborhood consumed additional time.

Friday we toured Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. Arriving about 9:00 a.m., Sydney immediately demanded chocolate chip ice cream, her favorite. The concession stand was not open yet, but our cute, demanding little girl managed to get the ice cream parlor crew to give her a dish of her favorite flavor, devouring it instantly. She also finished a cup of pumpkin spice ice cream, the flavor freebie of the day.
Vermont is all about cows and kids.
Before heading home we stopped at a cheese shop and chocolate store, then a playground and cafĂ© for lunch. Of course Sydney was not hungry after spending the morning consuming ice cream, cheese, popcorn, yogurt and chocolate – all store free samples.

Saturday the four of us – Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and Sydney - piled into the car and headed to the Harvest Festival at Shelburne Farms, which turned out to be a toddler’s delight. There was a maze constructed of hay bales. A wagon ride pulled by two strong black and white horses. Animals to pet. Live music and entertainment. Tables of hands-on activities designed for toddlers. And food prepared on sight, most sourced with ingredients raised and grown on the farm. Unfortunately none of the food was giveaways.
Tractors hold a special allure for kids of all ages.
Baby pools filled with corn for the kids to play with - a sandbox minus the sand!
One of the interesting exhibits at the farm.
I failed the quiz. Guess I missed this science class.
Arriving home following the festivities, the two-year-old and Grandpa immediately went down for naps. I engaged in quiet pursuits, checking emails and the news online. Dad, a member of the younger, stronger, more vigorous generation, went out for a bike ride.

Baby has fun.

Dad follows his routine.

Grandma and Grandpa start out full of energy and enthusiasm, but as the days wind down become more tired, move slower, and retire earlier each night.

Grandpa leaves Monday, returning to actual paid job kind of work.

I remain officially on duty until Thursday night.

Only 127 hours to go.


  1. Pumpkin ice cream? That's inspired!

  2. That hair on little one is adorable. There are lots of ways to have family fun in VT, especially in the autumn with all the festivals--apples, pumpkins, cider... Enjoy the grandma time.

  3. There's a reason why grandmas and grandpas get to give back the little ones eventually: we wear out way faster. She sure is a cutie, and she's lucky to have you around and in her life. Love the pictures! :-)