Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman of Minnesota decided not to seek reelection, insisting it has nothing to do with the fact she might lose. In Michele’s Weird World she never loses – she simply moves on. Where she lands is anyone’s guess – a conservative think tank, lobbying organization, FOX News, well-paid speech-making gigs, Hollywood, the View - the American public will have to wait and see…

This year New York City politics is a hoot and a holler, as a New York City native and good friend of mine would say. Two politicians previously felled by scandals are attempting comebacks.

Anthony Weiner of sexting fame, his scandal dubbed Weinergate, resigned and left Washington in disgrace. His crime: tweeting links to sexually explicit pictures. He denied physical relationships with the women tweeted(?), but with his reputation wrecked (at least temporarily) resigned in June 2011. Now he is back, running for mayor of New York City.

Eliott Spitzer, ex-New York State governor, is running for New York City comptroller. Spitzer was outted as a client of an elite Washington, D.C. escort service, resigned the governorship in 2008 and slinked away…and now is slinking back into the limelight.

Presidential politics

Republican Rick Perry decided not to run for a fourth term as governor of Texas, but apparently may try for the Republican Presidential nomination again. His previous Presidential campaign is remembered for a notable debate moment. Discussing the three government departments he would eliminate, naming Education and Commerce, he could not recall the third.

A rising Republican star is about to sink. Conservative Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia is entangled in a number of ethical and monetary lapses, some involving members of his family. From a son being caught drinking and driving, to his wife’s expensive designer gown and his acceptance of gifts, it appears the potential candidate is down and out before the race begins.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is active on the lucrative speech-making circuit, raking in the big bucks, rubbing shoulders with potential donors and honing her message, in case she decides to run. Other prospective Dem candidates wait quietly anxiously and impatiently in the wings, not yet willing to rile the Clinton contingent.

After all, the Presidential election is only 1,211 days away.

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  1. It is always closer than we think. I think Politicians are maybe a unique breed...or at least some kind of mutation.